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  1. Me tumbaron la peluca
  2. Just wanted to remind everyone
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  5. City deserves death by a 1000 cuts
  6. CSWAGGER is the faggiest cunt on here
  7. Plus my cute designs please huns
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  9. I have to log off this site for now
  10. Snapchat me that pussy
  11. Fuck me.... I'm skinny!!!
  12. I honestly dont understand why
  13. I bet
  14. Can't wait to evict
  15. I want a real love
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  18. Tara G
  19. I spoke to Tyler on Skype today
  20. What does Noras mean?
  21. What's the Tea sis?
  22. I'm leaving this site
  23. Plus if you have been bullied by Matisse
  24. Please ban these multis
  25. This nappy headed.. fat bitch calling me ugly
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  28. Tara G is full of shit
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  31. My Pussy is brown with pink inside
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  34. A kingdom in isolation
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  37. Se me incho la panocha Alanb1
  38. Yo quiero Yo quiero Dinero
  39. Pussy Cow Pussy Cow
  40. Tag a Puta famosa de Tengaged

In regards to your last blog

Feb 9, 2018 by Jayglezst


They say the closest ones to ya 
Be the ones that sneak up behind ya and stick the knife through ya
That's why now I keep my friends to a minimum
Check for the ones wit the venom on they tongue
'Cause niggas is snakes, they hugs be fake
Steal from they best friend at his own wake
I did all I can do and I took all I can take
This is it, crossin' me was ya biggest mistake
And was it enough that I split 20% of what I make?
Was it enough that I cut niggas half of what I bake?
Ain't enough that I almost lost all my bread
Bailin niggas out, keepin' a roof over our head
Enough is enough I wash my hands I'm done wit it
I ain't playin wit you motherfuckers come wit it
Keep the fam together God knows I tried
But shit ain't been the same since B.I. died

(I pray for love
I pray for love
I pray for love, joy, peace and happiness)
Every day every night
Keep the fam together God knows I tried
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 9, 2018

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