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  1. 2388 is the Joanne the Scammer of TG
  2. 4 people join frookies ... Let's fill it up
  3. I think Ross will get Ari out
  4. This was the best episode CbbUS has ever had
  5. I'm just watching cbb
  6. Plus my design and I'll plus u back bitch!
  7. I need a dark green dick
  8. I need a dark green dick
  9. 2 of my friends are living a double life!!!
  10. Penetrame
  11. Am I the only who cried after watching
  12. Mark Turned out to be the best HoH of this season
  13. I haven't had good dick in a while
  14. Anybody wanna join that frookies
  15. Big brother is so lame
  16. 2 more join frookies don't miss the fun
  17. Pm me if u top and live in Los Angeles
  18. All stars fastings free to join
  19. Come play frookies with me
  20. I'm crackling
  21. Who's down for some Black Girl Magic?
  22. 2388 is so trendy right now
  23. 2388 has a double chin
  24. I fuck my pillows at night
  25. Frooks pussy?
  26. This election scandal is terrific
  27. 2388
  28. Thank you guys so much
  29. The fact is...
  30. Ari > Sofia Vergara
  31. Has anyone heard of a bald pussy?
  32. Join frookies cum and join the fun
  33. Beyonce only made it because she's white
  34. KANDEE > 2388
  35. 7 people fill the frookies
  36. Join frookies
  37. Congrats Bitches
  38. Keshias mistake was to take over the HoH
  39. Please Pray for ShellBelle
  40. Workbitch

Join My Birthday Rookies Charity

Feb 8, 2018 by Jayglezst
Also wish me happy birthday <333


say sorry or I ruin
Sent by 2388,Feb 8, 2018
2388 ruin it bitch I don't care lol
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 8, 2018
I'll fuck u up
Sent by 2388,Feb 8, 2018
2388 kiss my ass
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 8, 2018
In 6 hours if it isn't full!!
Sent by TaraG,Feb 8, 2018

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