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  1. Join frookies 4 more spots
  2. Pedo ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  3. Frooks anyone?
  4. I'm about to eat my chicken
  5. Seth / Question
  6. I think we should get married <3
  7. Did xander17 really kill himself???
  8. They shut down Craigslist personals
  10. Anyone wanna be nice enough to let me borrow
  11. Who wants to kick nocturnals ass? Pyn
  12. What a Daddy <33
  13. This drama with Mr. Norris and Asshole
  14. One last person for frookies
  15. How much are shops now ?
  16. The biggest pedos were the Sanderson sisters
  17. I'm a pedo so fucking what bitches
  18. Do designs still affect the final cost of a shop?
  19. I'm alive <333
  20. What ever is this fuckery!??
  21. Why did Petro posted such an expensive dress???
  22. Can you remove designs from the design game?
  23. Yay I finally got tv star
  24. Im not wearing any socks
  25. Hamza won HoH faggots!
  26. Tyra Sanchez for all Stars 4
  27. Whoever is betting on this is dumb af!
  28. That frookies is full of Muslim women
  29. Lol
  30. That was not a Death Threat
  31. How do I make a full avi design ?
  32. Plus my pig suit
  33. I fuck with Kam in the Challenge
  34. I'm leaving this site I was pushed by TaraG!
  35. How did a multi get the exact same name as I?
  36. This is me winning Stars
  37. Omg on the Run Tour 2
  38. Is this Rosemulet on american idol?
  39. Amo a Scottmaster2
  40. TheKingSniffer American Idol Audition

A guy shitted on my dick today while I fucked him...

Feb 7, 2018 by Jayglezst
But I didn't care I kept going cuz I was fucking him sooo good and his ass was really nice... it smacked against my pelvis sooooo bomb.... and what made it even hotter was that he was a top that's why he scatted on my dick... should I fuck him again? Oh and he has a boyfriend who was working while all this took place...


you fucked the shit out of him!
Sent by TaraG,Feb 7, 2018
Did he suck u after
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Feb 7, 2018
TaraG I did lol .... I miss u bitch we need to do casting again... I feel safe when u are in there... even tho I ignore u lol ... you are like a security blanket
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 7, 2018
Ivy_Levan no but I shoulda made him... I faced fucked him a little prior to the shit lol
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 7, 2018
*wraps myself around jayglezst *
Sent by TaraG,Feb 7, 2018

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