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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Does anyone ever get manipulated by

3rdFeb 12, 2024 by Jayglezst
FarManu ? Like he tells me baby I love you. Baby this. Baby that. But the first chance he gets. He evicts me or doesn't save me with his POV. I'm like bro... I thought you loved me lol. It seems a little fake to me. Am I the only one he does this to? Or are there other people he uses this tactic on??? Like does he use the "I love you baby" line on everyone so he can get further in games. And then you feel bad if you try something against him. Cuz he guilt trips you? And tells you... you don't love me! Lol This man is a master manipulator.


aw he tells me he loves me and calls me baby
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 12, 2024
yo fui manipulado por ti uwu
Sent by iCristian,Feb 12, 2024
baby lemjam6
Sent by FarManu,Feb 12, 2024
That鈥檚 so cringe to me LOL
Sent by Ghostfacegangsta,Feb 12, 2024
girl he does it to literally everyone like i could name at least 5
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 12, 2024
I feel cheated on
Sent by Hyuna,Feb 13, 2024
Sent by AliBonico,Feb 13, 2024

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