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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Please play Stars next week

1stJan 30, 2024 by Jayglezst
Nijoco it's so much fun to see you Spiral and attack half of the cast.


Haha mood
Sent by JetsRock12,Jan 30, 2024
Sent by joe001,Jan 30, 2024
Half or all?
Sent by Rafo,Jan 30, 2024
It’s so effed he lost the poll today… does tengaged not want entertainment?
Sent by survivorfan12,Jan 30, 2024
jayglezst I didn't attack even half the cast. Half the time the finger was pointing at me because they were manipulated. I'm clearly going to stand my ground. Lol.

Rafo come on now...

survivorfan12 What can you do when an org host links all his servers to the poll?

joe001 You shady still that Halley thinks I made that set today but fuck it.

Overall though guys, I kinda don't wanna be known as an attacking person. My ADHD goes into overload when there's tension or I get anxious. I had people in there calling me unstable and other personal things whilst everything I said was about the game. That's quite hard to take and it's quite a gross defense for calling our someone's lies lol.

Anyway I won't be playing again. I don't want to be a laughing stock.

cheapcheep brandonpinzu can you please perm ban me. Thank you.
Sent by nijoco,Jan 30, 2024
nijoco I was only kidding🤨
Sent by joe001,Jan 30, 2024

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