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Am I the only one who loves survivor drama?

1stJan 29, 2024 by Jayglezst
Like I go snoop around other survivor tribes and read all the tea. I'll fill you in on some tea. So we can be nosey together.

On this tribe : johnny5599 called out cmgorilla02 cuz they weren't playing the challenge fast enough.  And cmgorilla02 wasn't having it! They said why are they being called out when they never missed a comp. And the reason they are taking so long is due to 10 hour work shifts.

On this tribe : Happy202 drank all the water day one. And BB5lover was not having it! He called the whole tribe out for being so chill about it and not giving Happy202 any repercussions. Specially since Happy is trying to bring back his old tribe together. And that was something the new tribe wasn't gonna benefit from.

On this tribe : Geoo was upset because colter called him strange. Apparently he struck a cord. Because Geo went on a rant trying to prove why he's not strange. Which ultimately caused him to get voted off.


happy202 drank all the water
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 29, 2024
Bb5lover thank you for the clarification. It was a little confusing.
Sent by Jayglezst,Jan 29, 2024
I like this blog
Sent by NathanDamnit,Jan 29, 2024
I'm here for the drama this would have been iconic 10 days ago
Sent by Happy202,Jan 29, 2024
LMAOOOOOO PLZ. I called him weird cause he voted me & negged me. You know I don’t play with bitches in vivor, I say what imma do!
Sent by Colter,Jan 29, 2024
There was no tea. I just posted who didn’t play so they’d see. I don’t do survivor drama.
Sent by johnny5599,Jan 30, 2024
Sent by Thumper91,Jan 30, 2024
Robby and Jimmy oh don’t have a father-off like that
Sent by harrywasnak,Jan 30, 2024
Can you keep doin these blogs
Sent by Harehere,Jan 30, 2024
Sent by Hyuna,Jan 30, 2024
LOL this is icoinc, you should do this biweekly and tag me
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 30, 2024

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