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So... Mar 4, 2021
Me and Jabbar (aka rabbaj) will be doing a meet up Saturday and might do a Q&A. Put in the comments anything you might want to ask us! Also no worries. The blacks WILL be safe during these dangerous times.
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So crazy... Dec 13, 2020 think that I'll be 27 in less than a month.
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Just... Jul 12, 2020
Came on to make my monthly blog. And to remind people that Ethan000 is still the best person to have as a partner in The Challenge <3
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Question... Jun 1, 2020
So, can someone explain something to me? I'm a big fan of the game series Danganronpa and have played/watched the games multiple times (although I never finished the third one). But...In one of the games, a character who had pretending to be a female turned out to have the body of a male. And this was after their death.

When the rest of the people found out that this character was physically a male, they started calling the character a 'he' in every conversation instead. Now, the backstory DOES show that the character identified as a male...But the people didn't KNOW his backstory until the end of that 'chapter' and they started calling the character by male pronouns the moment they found out.

Isn't that a bit controversial? Like...Yes, they only 'knew' him for like two weeks...But I feel like it was kind of disrespectful to do that after the character's death. I still support the game series and love the game themselves, but I'm curious to know if anyone else (whether they're fans or not) find the fact that the cast was so quick to change the pronouns after that character's death a bit disrespectful or odd. Or is this just a me thing? XD
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My late ass Q&A May 21, 2020
People who asked questions:
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FINALLY made another f3... May 18, 2020
In these damn orgs.
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