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All you dumb fucks

1stApr 3, 2017 by JayElVeeIsBack
How about instead of begging randomize to make a change why don't you guys make the change yourselves. Oh wait that's right cause you all a bunch of selfish greedy ass fucks that only care about meaningless Karma that won't matter once TG is down. All you cheaters including but not limited to
Gentleman he

And all you other faggot ass cheaters know who you are
Get acquainted with outside dudes the sun isn't going to kill you


Sent by sandym89,Apr 3, 2017
Lmfao dying irl
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 3, 2017
Dead @ not being mentioned but i don't use multi's anymore anyways.
Sent by iTy990,Apr 3, 2017
who stuck a dick up ur ass
rnt u straight jayelveeisback
Sent by semajdude,Apr 3, 2017
preach sister
Sent by Crayadian,Apr 4, 2017
Sent by Roshy,Apr 4, 2017
where is Halloween in this????? I fought and slayed her multis in hungers and it was hard af!
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 4, 2017
So... how? Without mods that is just a pipe dream
Sent by BrainJak,Apr 4, 2017
so mad
Sent by Absol,Apr 4, 2017
Lol roshy always denying everything even when he's caught.
Sent by Brad13535,Apr 4, 2017
@bra13535 literally nobody wants your green level mediocre ass to come here and spread ur shitty opinion lol, i dont cheat and u know it but sorry you suck so bad you have to be in denial and say that to make u feel better aw =[[ no i wasnt "caught" someone is just a dumb fuck and apparently so are u haha
Sent by Roshy,Apr 4, 2017

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