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Starting a new Tengaged Program

19thJan 13, 2016 by JayElVeeIsBack
its called Noob Avi development.  Also it will be held for future shops of mine so I will check your activity to see if you are still active.
Must have 5 designs or less.
Mustn't be a multi.
No Red Noses/White Noses

First come first serve unless I am not posting it in my shops
Darbe (Eyes)
MichelleWilliams (didnt specify)
jessijuliet (Female Eyes)
fly5431 (Eyes or Mouth)
pilatesgrl (Female Eyes)
iTy990 (Male Hair or Male Shirt)
30rock (Anything Male)


I should be part of this
Sent by Darbe,Jan 13, 2016
Sent by MichelleWilliams,Jan 13, 2016
count me in
Sent by jessijuliet,Jan 13, 2016
Sent by mradamman12,Jan 13, 2016
Me and i want eyes
Sent by fly5431,Jan 13, 2016
Or papermouth
Sent by fly5431,Jan 13, 2016
Me, female eyes
Sent by pilatesgrl,Jan 13, 2016
eyes or lips or a weave or honestly any female design
Sent by jessijuliet,Jan 13, 2016
Omfg, this is so kind, I'd like anything male, but if I had to pick a design it would be some kickass male hair, or a kickass male shit.
Sent by iTy990,Jan 13, 2016

anything male
Sent by 30Rock,Jan 13, 2016
me anything female
Sent by Jameslu,Jan 13, 2016
This actually really nice m8 +12 :)
Sent by Willie_,Jan 13, 2016
SerenityFirefly eyes
Sent by AlyssaB,Jan 13, 2016
Sent by jessijuliet,Jan 13, 2016
Tbh eyes or a mouth
Sent by MoneyNeil,Jan 13, 2016
count me in
male hair or grin or skin
Sent by jguill,Jan 13, 2016
jguill dont you already have skin lol
Sent by MoneyNeil,Jan 13, 2016
i know you've already put mine as eyes - but if you have any male survivor designs coming can it be one of them instead please?

if theres no male survivors though, eyes will be great ty

Sent by Darbe,Jan 13, 2016
ohhh sorry hun. I want darker lips tbh. These are too pale :P
Sent by MichelleWilliams,Jan 13, 2016
A female shirt
Sent by survivingreality,Jan 14, 2016

Sent by JMez2612,Jan 14, 2016
Male Pokemon Hoodie?
Sent by xxThornWYZ,Jan 14, 2016
jessijuliet has 6 gifts alone. Byeeee
Sent by hobo232,Feb 13, 2016
Me plz I have no designs
Sent by solesurvivor11,Apr 24, 2016

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