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Stars Draft Results

9thDec 19, 2015 by JayElVeeIsBack

In Order of Selection would be  Jay - Kristian - Jaxy - Tristan  So Chibi - ally - Ethan - Hints were the first 4 in order

@Loopycoco1 (Kristian)
@Xoxu (Jaxy)
@Neathery (Tristan)

@chibideidara  (First Overall)
@Semajdude (Ninth Overall)
@Tpidude73 (Thirteenth Overall)

@Allyxox (Second Overall)
@Regularise (Fourteenth Overall)

@Tycoon1234 (Seventh Overall)
@MastaManipulator_11 (Fifteenth Overall)

@Hints (Fourth Overall)

16th @BBDamian (Fifth Overall)  - #TeamJay
15th @Bamold1999 (Tenth Overall) - #TeamKris
14th @Typhlosion37 (Sixth Overall) - #TeamKris
13th @Simpizzle  (Eleventh Overall) - #TeamJaxy
12th @Kooldude1991 (Sixteenth Overall) - #TeamTristan
11th @xxlovewakizaxx (Twelfth Overall) - #TeamTristan
10th @GentlemanG (Eighth Overall) - #TeamTristan
9th @Ethan000 (Third Overall) - #TeamJaxy

#TeamBlackBen  -  Saraj10 Smuguy2012 
#TeamSteve - Karim Black0ut247 Emmett4 cswagger
#TeamBrady - Lexxxy
#TeamJay - FlamingJojo Capguy1

Pick Order
@SurvivorRocks - @2Beastly - @Bradyman7 - Me - Me - Brady - Steve - Ben

1st Overall @saraj10
2nd Overall @karim
3rd Overall @Lexxxy
4th Overall @Flamingjojo
5th Overall @capguy1
6th Overall @rocker917
7th Overall @Black0ut247
8th Overall @Smuguy2012
9th Overall @Chibideidara
10th Overall @cswaggerr
11th Overall @Tomba
12th Overall @GentlemanG
13th Overall @LittleMix
14th Overall @Meduncan
15th Overall @Emmett4
16th Overall @SkooterEYZ

16th - Chibideidara - #TeamBlackBen
15th - SkooterEyz - #TeamBlackBen
14th - LittleMix - #TeamJay
13th - GentleManG - #TeamJay
12th - Meduncan - #TeamBrady
11th - Tomba - #TeamBrady
10th - Rocker917 - #TeamBrady


You really did this?!? Ahhaa
Sent by Bradyman7,Dec 19, 2015
hope i make u proud sir
Sent by semajdude,Dec 19, 2015
Legit how was I picked so early
Sent by Typhlosion37,Dec 19, 2015
That's surprising :O
Sent by Ethan000,Dec 19, 2015
love ya for choosing me
Sent by chibideidara,Dec 19, 2015
Sent by Evanester,Dec 19, 2015

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