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Dont you love getting snaked

Jan 1, 2019 by JasonXtreme
Okay, so I worked as a "campus brand ambassador" for a good chunk of last year (phat commitment) repping a small business conference. I agreed to do this because one of my good friends was a VP of the conference.

Fast forward this year, I'm applying to an extended business program at my university (pretty competitive) and my best friend got into beef with my reference and now he's ghosting me... bruh I need someone to verify my role or else it gets omitted and it wouldve looked pretty nice on my app :(

And get a load of this...I tried asking the president of the conference but he won't agree to verify without the approval of the VP of my campus aka my ex-friend sighhhhhhh

People man...

EDIT: he's also salty I got a banking job last summer without telling him I DID THE APPLICATION???? Man even my gf aint that clingy


What uni are you at?
Sent by Dash,Jan 1, 2019

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