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Looking for Advice

Dec 21, 2018 by JasonXtreme
How do I deal with an over clingy girlfriend...

Don’t get me wrong I really love her and care about her but sometimes she asks for too much. We go to the same university and I frequently walk over to her house (both off-campus housing) to see her... we basically saw each other everyday during the school year and she’s always been really clingy and protective over me. She always gets jealous and suspicious over some pretty unreasonable things. Now, as winter break rolls and we are both back in Toronto, on the second day back, I just wanted to spend one day seeing my high school best friend and she wouldn’t stop bothering me about it. We literally spent the day before with each other and she can’t handle one day without me pretty much. And I always try to make her happy by driving over late at night (45 min drive) and I’m not in a great scenario to stay over yet so it’s just a lot for me. Idk what to do and I really don’t want to tell her in a mean way, I just want her to understand I want some time to myself!! Any advice on how I should go about telling her!!!

Thanks y’all! Long time no see too haha


You gotta put your foot down. If she cant give u some space to breat when u need it then this is stressing u out more then maybe its worth.

Also talk to her and find out why she feels the need to be so clingy
Sent by FireX,Dec 21, 2018
Hmmmmm, if I were you, I would probably sit her down and talk with her. Let her know that you love spending time with her, but sometimes you need some wiggle room. If she is a reasonable person, and truly loves you the way you love her, she will understand. Just make sure you don’t escalate your voice because then it would turn into an argument. Hope that helps, but then again I am not the best person to answer this question.
Sent by hayden9102,Dec 21, 2018
Maybe she has been cheated on before so she is paranoid
Or it’s her first big relationship
I would just talk to her honestly but express u love and care for her and don’t want to break up but that sometimes u need space to see friends
Sent by owlb0ned,Dec 21, 2018

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