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More than depressed right now.

2ndSep 3, 2018 by JasonXtreme
I applied for a position that would've been a very important step towards where I want to be in the world of business, and I really thought that this new position would help me in a whole lotta good ways. I did the application and sent it in a couple of months ago, I only realized now -- that a week ago, they had given me an opportunity to do second round interviews. This email went to my junk and I only just saw it and missed the interview time. I'm devastated and honestly, I feel like I worked so hard to get an opportunity that just slept by.

Honestly shocked upset and angry at myself.


I am so sorry Jason :'(
Sent by Guigi,Sep 3, 2018
email them back and say what had happened i'm sure they'll give u a chance.
Sent by FighterMan,Sep 3, 2018
oh wow :/ maybe send them a follow up email?
Sent by ak73,Sep 3, 2018
yeah i think you should e mail and explain what happened and hopefully they will give u another chance!
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Sep 3, 2018
I did almost the same once :(
Sent by Matte,Sep 4, 2018
I'm really sorry to hear about that Jason :/
Sent by Natepresnell,Sep 4, 2018
Contact them for sure
Sent by Blitszims,Sep 4, 2018
I’m surprised they didn’t send you a follow-up mail. Just send them a mail explaining what happened and say you’re interested in future positions that they have open — there’s a good chance they keep you in mind when they have new jobs open up.
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Sep 4, 2018
Aww that sucks , sorry bro
Sent by Arris,Sep 4, 2018
Take a screenshot of the email in junk folder. And send it to them explaining what happened.
Sent by Ashutosh,Sep 4, 2018
Way to blow it.
Sent by Scononduders,Sep 4, 2018
:( I’m so sorry this happened
Sent by k4r4k,Sep 4, 2018
contact them, you have nothing to lose, gl!
Sent by sandym89,Sep 4, 2018
yeaa i agree contact them and just be real.Say u can come in tomorrow at any time if u really want it
Sent by Emmett4,Sep 4, 2018

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