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PYN for an honest opinion :)

6thAug 9, 2018 by JasonXtreme
if I don't know you, I'll give u an opinion by judging you're profile :)

scrapping last pyn cuz it was boring

Eliotwhi: Hey bro! It's been a long ass time, I think we met thru our old frat and back then we were really chill and I always liked ya m8! Back in the day with the old squad, it's honestly refreshing seeing some old faces around! Good to see you bud, glad we are still chill

Amnesia_: why aren't we friends! Good question haha, I'm way past my prime on tengaged and I just loaf around so I don't know many of the new users but always open to being friends with new people haha, you seem like a really nice person, and I scanned ur profile for the last PYN and I got nice vibes! Sick blue hair, I rate it!

GoodKaren: Ah karen! Another old face I recognize! You're one of the sweetest tgers I know! Always giving good vibes. Even when there's drama I can always count on your "11:11 make a wish" blog! Legit nothing bad to say about you, you're an angel that tengaged is blessed to have! Glad to see over the years you haven't really changed! Keep up the good work with spreading the peace on tengaged! ayeeee

JetsRock12: Oh man it's been a while! Another familiar face haha, honestly the Jets do rock now eh, Darnold gonna be a good one! I remember you and I think I was a noob back when we talked and I think I really looked up to you cuz u were always in stars and as a noob I was like dam stars is goals eh. But yeah I have only good memories, I'm pretty sure we talked afterwards as well, I remember you being a nice chill guy and it's honestly nostalgic almost to see you around haha, another oldie from back in the old days when tg was still good! Stay chill bud!

BigBrotherDonny: Ah donny, I remember back when I was on this site a lot -- I remember seeing u around as a noob -- I think it was that stars raffle you won (maybe), when I first saw you around, but damn bruh, you've come far. Fast forward to this year and lowkey we didn't do so well in Hunger (my bad bro) but I really respect how you bounced back from that low moment and that shows ur classy character, just like Donny from BB! You're a nice guy and I honestly have nothing but respect for you after that hunger and I still owe ya bud! Stay classy my guy! Good vibes

Arris: Arek, Parek, Gayrek, damn bro. We sure came a long ass way. I remember when we both had ugly ass avatars back when we met in Affinity LOL, ur grey hair and my nerd glasses. But damn bro, if I ever had a best friend on Tengaged, I think it would have to be you! Even tho I take a shit ton of breaks I love how we can catch up in no time after 2-3 years! You're a great dude, and I appreciate that you listen to what I have to say all the time. Those Plug dj moments, binb vibes, frat chat memories, we've been through a lot and I really appreciate you bro. One of the best tengageders I've had the pleasure to meet and honestly on Tengaged nothing draws you to come back more than friends, and back in the day I remember being so excited to talk in the Affinity frat chat! What a fucking time that was! Good times bro, cheers for being a day one!

Typhlosion37: Another oldie! Hey bro, it's been a long time but I still remember you and I have nothing bad to say about you! I think we met before my first break and back then we were both noobs (idk i just seem to remember ur noob avi), but ya it's great seeing you around! Good stuff reading your blogs every now and then on blogs page and I see you in stars every now and then and you always get my support! #SupportTheOldies But ya! Also I rate Typhlosion, sick pokemon LOL

_Finesse: We out here drippin' in finesse, it don't make no sense! LOL I honestly love your tengaged username. It was nice to get to know you after supporting you in stars a little while ago! Congrats on the win! From that brief convo, I got a sense for your personality and I rate it! Nothing but nice vibes! I'm still coming back from an extended break and I'm barely active but it's nice to see that nice tengageders still exist LOL! Hope we can chill sometime and become friends! FINESSSSEEEEE

Fighterman: LOL Barca scrub. Kidding bro, but yeeeee we the ones that got catfished together eh! Yeah I always liked you and even tho ur ass can be annoying (soccer) I think you're still a great guy with a good sense of humour! I remember back in the day when we used to say shit to each other for fun and back then I didn't know you too well except ur messi dickriding hobby but honestly bro it was all fun! Glad I got to get to know you a lot better thru tribe unfaithful and it's been chill since then! You're a quality guy and I know you don't cheat even tho ur zoo score is fucking sus!!! LOL But ya bro, glad I got to know you, and above everything else youre a great guy and a fellow canadian so yeet! I mean being friends with u on Pogo speaks volumes!!! much love ahmed!

Jgoodies: another oldie! LOL I remember when we were in my first stars and bro that stars was a fucking mess, 20 person algo shitshow! But I always thought you were a really nice guy and even tho we talked briefly I've never felt like we were awkward or the convos were forced -- I thought you were really chill and I rate that in anyone! Supported your shop spree too! LOL I actually remember when you were in a lot of drama on tengaged wayyy back but lowkey never had anything bad to say about you! You're a great dude!

Rory17: I actually remember you as a noob LOL, you were a nice guy and I think i've encountered you in a frooks once or twice! No bad vibes, and idk why i just remember ur old blonde noob avi so well LOL! Nostalgia! Great to see you grow and you've always been a nice guy in terms of blogging and in-game encounters! Maybe we should get to know each other! Always happy to chat !

purplebb4: I don't really know you but scanned you're profile and damn ur a group game legend ehhhh nice record! Never knew how group games worked but ik they intense as hell! You seem nice and always willing to know new people :) Shoot me a msg! Totally can see u getting TV star after I take another break LOL

coreyants: Hey! I remember you but not too much to be honest. I remember seeing you a lot in stars and I remember when you got into a lot of drama a couple of times but I never saw you in a negative way because of the drama! Good seeing old faces around!

jadennator1: JADE! LOL I remember how we met, I think it was me blogging after Bayern lost to BVB in pens HAHHA! Good times! Then after we talked thru mails and we really became amazing friends! I miss all the skype convos we used to have literally every day and back when I was on this site a lot you were probably one of my fav people to talk to! and I love how we talked about almost about anything! You prob thought my lingo was so weird LOL but I literally looked forward to talk to u! You're really sweet and I'm sooo glad I got to know you! THX TOO for telling me to watch GOT LOL one of the best decisions in my life! But yeah I'm really lucky to have met you and honestly it's been so long, but I'm so glad we shared a lot of good memories! like: me helping u collect ur ombre weaves, playing tagpro together, having JJSTG calls, and ofc the soccer chats! thx for being my skype numba 1 over the years, I honestly think talking to you is so much fun :) And honestly you were one of the people I missed most during my break! Much love Jadey, glad we reconnected when I came back <3!

titoburitto: AH TITO, We didn't start off on the right foot EH! Man straight up gave me the classic survivor blindside treatment LOL, but honestly bro no hard feelings. In the following time we met in hunger I honestly thought we were chill but idk man was still shady to me LOOOOL! But I think you're funny and if we werent always on opposite sides in games I think all would be well! LOOKING FORWARD TO THE ONE TIME WE WORK TOGETHER

PureEssence: Essssss! I remember meeting you way back in Affinity and back then we were both pipsqueaks! You were always so nice to everyone and I really liked your vibe! I really enjoyed those times we chilled, whether that was in Plug dj or in skype it was a lot of fun! Never a dull moment with you! I'm really glad I met you all those years back and I think really highly of you! You are soooo nice and honestly I dont see how anyone can say anything bad about you! Also huge bonus points cuz ur a Leafs fan+Canadian! Glad to see as always :) We should reconnect sometime!

JonMcGillis: Another old face I remember! I remember your old noob avi with the bushy hair and red tie suit thing LOOL. But yeah honestly, I don't know you very well but I always see your blogs on tengaged and I appreciate the humour! Lowkey might be one of your silent blog plussers every now and then! But ya great seeing u around bud


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