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Arrowed while on a date

7thJun 20, 2018 by JasonXtreme
Thanks Arris for the heads up!

Lowkey hurts casillas marlakk jdog but it’s just a game no hard feelings, was gonna add u Jdog and marlakk but I went out! Oh well gg boyz


Sent by Arris,Jun 20, 2018
It sucks to see what some people will do for Karma in a game, especially Hunger.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jun 20, 2018
i never shot u out?
Sent by Casillas,Jun 20, 2018
Did you get a kiss at least? Sorry you got out bro :( was out all day too
Sent by Tyler93,Jun 21, 2018
the real question is: is any girl crazy enough to go on a date with you? and if yes how long did it last til she ran away? ;)
Sent by Guigi,Jun 21, 2018
Sorry king being excluded scared me
Sent by Marlakk,Jun 21, 2018
"Arrowed while on a date"

I thought you were straight
Sent by woeisme,Jun 21, 2018
Love you!!!!
Sent by jdog,Jun 21, 2018

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