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Lions are 1-0

7thSep 13, 2016 by JasonXtreme
Panthers 0-1

GiGi10 Hello


I keep forgetting the Lions have fans

Ty for reminding me Jason
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Sep 13, 2016
hi bff
Sent by semajdude,Sep 13, 2016
TheSexiestDude990 WOW slow down there Julian! Sorry but my Lions will be straight fire vs the Titans while Rodgers will shat all over the Viks on Sunday Night Football :)

semajdude hey bro
Sent by JasonXtreme,Sep 13, 2016
Our avis look alike LOL but I'm for Bayern Munchen and your for B. Dortmund just ask @Jadenator1 which team is superior
Sent by joshie1,Sep 13, 2016
Jadennator1 JasonXtreme :-)
Sent by joshie1,Sep 13, 2016
OK look who we faced, look who you faced. Thanks

And fuck Graham gano
Sent by GiGi10,Sep 13, 2016
Meanwhile, my team can't beat a bunch of dead pirates known as the Buccaneers
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 13, 2016
Sent by yswimmer96,Sep 13, 2016
you still suck like all your sports teams
Sent by Guigi,Sep 13, 2016
I bet the Lions will do good this year. I can't say the same for the Cowboys though. i know the cowboys will do badly :(
Sent by Megan,Sep 14, 2016

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