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8thJul 26, 2016 by JasonXtreme
And I'll write something good about you

ricktworick1 hey man, your always really nice and always eager to help me gift and clutch me in times in need so props to u for that! Also can't wait to bond a bit more buddy in our frat! #Brothers

amills5 Alex, your a great dude always love TALKIN sports with u even tho we like never agree on a team to root for but whatever man it's always a chill time! Also ur always rlly nice and talkative so that's a plus can't wait for u to revolutionize the frat clubhouse!

pmmguy I think we've talked a bit before and I have a good impression from u and that's cuz of those lil chit chats we had in the past! Also I know u have spammed me before but I'm always welcoming of spam and I think we had a couple of nice exchanges! Would love to get to know u more bud!

Noaht77 hey Noah I actually don't know u but just checked out ur profile and I can honestly see a bright future for u m8, lovin the fact that u have goals bro like the people that set goals for themselves are the people who will eventually succeed :) best of luck bud hope u achieve all ur goals on this site someday!

baza76 hey! You're really nice and really good at comps and I know ur like great friends with most of my friends and maybe that means we should get to know each other as well! I know that before maybe we went against each other in frooks or hunger LOWKEY but that's all cool man! I've only ever had a good impression of you cuz u are gr8 friends with some of my m8s!

Lucinda Hey Cesco! Words can't express how thankful I was when you designed my jerseys bro like I still can't thank you enough for going out of ur way to make them! Also you are one of the nicest guys here on TG like pure class from you and I remember you were so easy going and really friendly! Honestly wish we could be closer friends cuz u would DEFFO be someone I'd like to be great pals with!

Bix123 BIX YO HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN! U know what I can name good things about u forever ;) but ya you're such a nice person and I really got to know u well last year during the summer and those times with the Eurobeans were LIT! Tagpro with beans will be something I will remember for a long time :) ps I always crushed u guys haha jk but the Eurobeans DEFFO has to be revived and I can't wait to talk about sports ALL DAY! Hahahahahaha

Admir YO bro how's life it's been so long honestly I remember all that time a year ago when we dominated that group game and we made that sick alliance and destroyed bro! But I was really happy to get to know u when Eurobeans chat was alive and that was rlly gr8 Tagpro too! Also I consider u one of my close friends on this site and I'm glad we met in that group game all that time ago! Ever since we've been great bros!

Funnehliner hey! I don't think we've really gotten to know each other but I've definitely seen you around in blogs page and all over the place! And from that I've noticed ur a good guy and I think ur from Germany so that's a plus! #GermanPride but ya bro u seem really nice and with a good personality! Maybe we can get to know each other in the future bro!

acyuta Hey! I can say ur one of the nicest guys on this site! I've heard and experienced nothing but kindness and great vibes from u! Ur a class act and ur kindness is legit very admirable! One of the great true role models on this site! Also I can say ur a great friend although we don't talk as much, when we do its a pleasure and ur overall a great dude!

Gohandd hey man I still remember u from when u were a noob back in the day and ever since then U have always been a very nice and respectable guy! Ur always a really nice guy and such an easy person to talk to m8! And haha ya that poll from that Stars group game I'm so happy me u and Admir got to the final 3 I was happy to work with u that game and u showed ur outstanding quality of loyalty! Hope all is well buddy we should reconnect bro!

TheBlackDog hey bro we talked for a bit and I really enjoyed getting to know u after that chit chat and u were really nice which is always an Amazing trait to have! I look forward to talking again with u sometime cuz I truly think ur a great guy and I feel like we'd definitely have some chemistry! Shoot me a msg sometime bro! I'd always love to talk to studs like u!

ohheydudeski DUDESKI, Jake the snake, the Nova fan, the Red Sox kid, my bruddy, my stark brother! Bro we go alllllllll the way back I just remember msging u one time cuz u had a lit avatar and I think we mailed for a bit and talked about sports! But the rest is history! Yo at our high we were the dynamic duo on TG! Singing see you again on call for like 2 hours with lil Chris was my best mem on any call man it was all sickoooo! CHIRPIN sports with u is a classic and always a great time! And not to mention all our fun times in skype chats and games man ur my bruddy and that'll never change no matter what! You'll always be one of my best friends on this site even through the highs and the lows! Always bro I mean after all we are the Snow and Stark duo! #TheNorthRemembers & and bond that can never be broken

Arris AREK! One of the BEST guys on the site right here! Yo we actually go way back all the way to when I first joined Affinity! I'll never forget those chats we used to have every night with Carla Michael and u! Those were great times and I'll never forget those times! Also honestly I feel like we grew up together as users on TG we both eventually reached where we are together and at a good pace like my mess of an avi and ur White haired avi haha! But ya ever since we've had SO many great memories like honestly ur probably the guy I trust the most on TG and I can always talk to no matter what! Thanks for being such a good guy, always being there for me! Our friendship is truly something I value and enjoy havin bro! Also we need that sparring sometime!

Michaelf1114 ALF YO man I remember when I met u in my first ever stars and we were really tight in our alliance and I'm glad I allied with u cuz u were really a great guy and I'm glad I met u there and became good pals with u later on! I remember when that game was so hectic and me u mexash were trying to work it all out and there was the factor with the Algo stars as well! In the end we all got robbed but that's okay life without a stars win is not that bad! But ya anyways ur always a really funny guy and u made a lasting impression on me ever since that stars and I'll always see u as a fun and great guy :) hope we can meet sometime in another stars?

jadennator1 Anna MARIA I can't believe we've known each other for like more than a year it feels like it wasn't too long ago when BVB beat Bayern in the Penalty shootout in the DFB semis! I wonder if Bayern won would we still have known each other??? Maybe that's why u should cheer for BVB ;) haha but you are one of my best TG friends I'm sorry I haven't been on much and haven't been able to support u during ur shop and all that and I feel really guilty but I GOTCHU DW! Mission: Shop Bale is underway soon! You are always fun and great to talk to and I miss when we used to talk a lot back in the day in JJSTG with the entire gang and in the Eurobeans chat! Those were the BLESSED times! I missed ya a lot during my absence on TG and I hope to return FOR U my queen, my khaleesi! BUT YO ULL FINALLY HAVE UR SUMMER BREAK AFTER TMRW SO ENJOY! Also ps why is GOT coming back in July! SO LONG & ILY

semajdude yo man it's always cool when we talk in mails and stuff it's really good that we can connect and Yano keep our friendship alive in a sense! Your always pretty funny with ur weird but funny humour haha it cracks me up! Also I really appreciate all the lil things u do for me like plussing my spam but then messaging me back and starting an entire convo! It shows ur great outgoing personality! And I enjoy that bro! Much love buddy and I'll be expecting a mail soon ;) also I hit them pretty hard over this VACA if u were gonna ask ;)


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Can you think of anything good x
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