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Toronto Maple Leafs 2019 Stanley Cup Champs

7thJan 29, 2016 by JasonXtreme
And I'll Say something aboutchu ex. memory, throwback thought, or opi

m7md26: I remember talking with you a while back, and even tho I dont remember what exactly we were chatting about, I remember you being a solid and great guy!

BrenLa: I remember when I used to fanboy meeting the Legend BrenLa in Frooks when I was a lil noob, those were the days bro! No doubt your a good guy and a fun dude to talk to! but on a side note Rangers are never winning a cup fam, sorry! Pats will win SB51 tho

RobertGuajardo: throwback to when I used to think you were such a nice dude because you always plussed my spam :) but things havent changed m8 ur still a great friend ROB GRONK and I value our friendship fam

DiamondsArentForever: After talking in flawless your a nice person, and hopefully we are over that incident that happened months ago, Also you kinda funny and AFL is pretty cool I guess but ya hope we can still talk in the chat thing

Magge555550101: Magnus, your one of the nicest people I know and I remember talking to you back in the day and you were really friendly and supportive when i was still getting to know affinity :P Appresh bro, Also glad your back from your break!

Oreo270: Paige! I am so sorry I dont know why I always stop on you like on all pyns! Well im dedicated to this one! Your a great friend and your really nice to all the people in our fam frat chat, hope alls well! havent talked in a while!

Arris: okay okay fine this ones nice, so Arek my pal! Ive known you since the very beginning in Affinity and we became friends right away after legit talking every night with me you carla and michael #throwbackmaterial and those chats will be one of the best memories I'll ever have on TG. Ever since we have been amazing friends, and I am so lucky to have a good pal like you :) (Hope this was nice enough!) We gotta scrap soon

con66: Hey man! we recently have talked in mails and you seem like a pretty chill dude, gotta respect fam that comes from T.O! We should talk again man, your a real nice dude and I feel like we can be good friends! #6ix Also hope schools all chill

Tyler93: TYLER, MY MAN, MY MENTOR, MY TENGY IDOL!!!! Tyler we've been real good friends and I really do appreciate our chats and when we hang out with each other! I remember meeting ya all those MONTHS ago when I was a lil NOOBIE and saw this sicko dude in stars and mailed you! and Affinizle was awesome, especially the old days when it was active and chatted for hours with the gang! Your honestly one of my best friends on this site, know that :) Also Im about to get my LICENSE FINALLY, Party at the CN Tower??? and catch a leafs game??

XxLoveWakizaxX: Okay so Idk if you hate me anymore, but ya you kinda hated me for a while because of a lil fight we had with one of your friends, but that was like a year ago :P so ya but anyways I remember you from way back.. when we used to be good allies in fastings or frooks, and you were a good ally! Too bad bad shit happened :/ hope we can be good again fam

Survivor8: You got that right fam! Anyways, hope your not watching soccer this season, cuz boy of boy is Chelsea messy af to watch :( Man This season blows, but hopefully this wakes up abrahamovich to donate more funds to use! and praying we get a good manager that can attract some snazzy players!!! Still praying Pogba, Griezmann, Reus, or Bale come to Chelsea!! #ChelseaPrayerCircle Anyways ya dude your a cool dude, good to see you around!

Neathery: Hey man, I think we talked once or twice back in the day, and you were a nice guy! Think it was frooks and you had some pretty sick gameplay fam! Also I hate that bg you have, if your not a seahawks fan I'll deffo help you replace that!!!!!! Anyways ya your a cool dude

Canadiankid: JEREMY my Canadian BRO, your one of my best friends on this site, and I honestly feel that weve become real good friends! I remember when I met you in a fastings a while back, I dont think you remember but after that I was like wow this guy is cool!! But ya anyways we bonded over sports, and your a tengaged bro to me and easily one of my best buds! Go Leafs Raptors and Jays!

Typhlosion37: Hey man! Your a really nice dude, glad I decided to support you in that stars a while back!!! Your a great guy when we talked, and we should honestly talk more! Got a lot of respect for you man!!!

Downeaster: Hey Alexa!! I remember when we talked in mails briefly and it was cool! We should talk more tbh! Skype me or pm me sometime! and also I can tell ur really nice and we've kinda become friends over time I guess! Also Pats were robbed (not even a pats fan) rip Rob Gronk was absolutely amazing!! Much respect and we should deffo talk!!!

Willie_: Willie! I consider ya a great friend and a real nice guy and fun dude to talk with! Also BARCA lucked out today, Atletico Madrid shoulda had that game if they couldve tigtened up! Anyways man, your a great friend to have aaround and your someone I can trust 1000%


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gronk as
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better be nice or im unfriending you !
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you need health
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ok... alexa****
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I don't want you to use the words fam or m8 it makes you sound like a wannabe
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me :)
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Hmmm should I give you health
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