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6thSep 18, 2015 by JasonXtreme
[Fully Updated]
For a 1 sentence opinion
#GoodKaren: One of the nicest tengageders I know!
#BBlover96: you're a good friend before we stopped talking to each other tbh.
#Survivor8: Fellow Chelsea fan, that says it all right there!!!
#pleaseletmestay: idk u personally but you seem like a great dude!!
#ohheydudeski: your my brother, and no matter what I'm always gonna savior that... Until the refs fck over the Lions again in a game vs the Cowboys haha ;) jkjk but yeah love you no matter what
#ColdWaters: No idea who you are, sorry.
#Willie_: Great personality, your always really nice except when barca plays atletico -_- haha ;)
#PureEssence: You are such a gem and ily, keep being great :)
#Haileyyy: You are really nice and genuine, an overall great person!
#Maxi1234: squidward, I honestly think your a great dude, glad we are friends, I would never want to get on your bad side ;)
#TheJoe: TULOOOO yess hope you return to the lineup soon, and dude you are a great guy and idk why you get so much hate but in my book your a good kid
#blitszims: fiona, your a great person and I love talking about soccer with you #ComeOnChelsea, and obvi ily more than any shrek song ahah ;)
#KingGeek: #FlashBackFriday to when we used to talk and I thought you were pretty funny and a good dude, but we havent talked for ages man.
#Mexus: Idr know you but I have seen you around and you seem pretty cool.
#oreo270: Paige, your so nice and such a great person, keep being nice!
#Happy202: Robert, my jays buddy, keep being a solid great guy and #ComeTogether!
#Arris: Arek, one of my great brothers on this site, you are probably one of the people I trust the most and enjoy talking to the most, your such a great dude and just know I'll always have your back no matter what!
ghrocky100: Alex, you are a great new frat mate, and I gotta love the energy you bring to the frat, but you are a yanks fan..... lmfao jk your a great dude haha
tennisplayer963: tim, you are one of the most classiest guys I know, you are also really nice and your a bro to me, keep being awesome and #GoLions!
Damo1990: Damien, you are a great guy that I met in Eurobeans, and I really respect you and I think you have a great personality :)
Fedebenna: I think we were on a vivor tribe 1 time but I think you are pretty nice and I know your good friends with Luca who is also a great dude so I can only imagine how great you are!
TotalDramaLover1234: Caleb, we used to talk in Affinity and when we used to chat you brought a lot of positivity and a lot of energy, so I think really highly of you!
parkerstack7: I dont really know you but I have seen you around and you seem like a nice person.
Lotus: I like you and you are always really nice in frooks or whenever we are in the same game :) and I truly respect that!
Thirteen: I dont know you personally, but I have seen you around ofc and lmao a lot of my friends know you, and even tho idr know you, you seem pretty cool, besides when you talk about some weird stuff @_@
Billions: Hey, man ever since we kinda talked I've always had respect for ya and I think your a great guy!
Superman11: hey man I think weve been in vivor and also I have seen you around and I think your a sports fan and ayyy gotta love sports fans :) btw bears suck ;)
MrOrange890: Idk you but I feel like I have seen you around and I think on blogs page and in my book your cool :)
GoodAllan: Allan, you are a great dude and a good friend and even with yesterdays group game drama I still got maddd respect for ya dude
@xDanielex: I dont really know you but I have seen you around and u seem nice!
DanielleDonato: we used to be good friends until like we stopped talking and idk I think you hate me now
sprtsgy1989: Eagles still suck, chip is an idiot, but your a great guy, you dont deserve a bad team like philly, also your fifa team is sizzling!
semajdude: hey man I like you and you seem like a great dude, we havent really talked but you seem awesome man!
Thumper91: Lauren, we havent talked for so long but I always remember you as that extremely nice and kind person :) Keep being great!
@ElectraCakes: Hey we kinda met in a frooks and I think you were pretty nice and loyal and I only have good things to say about you :)
Kelly0412: Hey i dont really know you that well but I have seen you around and you seem pretty nice and you have good friends so ya, sorry I cant say much else cuz idk you :X
Flaming_Flamingo: I'll save my donation for you today, your nice and cool, and gotta respect that, hope you can get TV star one day!
ak73: A L I, my blue jays friend, I still remember that vivor and I gained a lot of respect from you there, and gotta love the jays #ComeTogether
sallyyisfabulous: You're pretty cool and nice, even if you dont think so yourself ;)
Imthtawesom: Hey, Im glad you dont hate me anymore, hope we can become friends :)
Jameslu: JAMES my man, havent talked to you forever dude, its been a while we should reconnect :) and spam for me sometime ;)
jadennator1: my tg gfffff, love ya like Jon loves ygritte < 3 but Bayern sucksss BVB all the way, but yeah your one of my best friends and I love talkn to ya and goin on call with you
Coffeybean94: JOHN, your a real stud man like your always funny and nice
JesseM: Jesse, your one of the nicest tengageders I have ever met and  you are real classy and always really cheerful!
Vanili: Hey you have always been really nice and great and I think you are a really great tengageder keep being great!


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