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Worst Game

13thFeb 23, 2017 by JakeGoesOnline
I was in a group game hosted by Libanz00

So he does majority rules.
He does this when there is a clear division and my side doesn't have the numbers
Now somehow we convince one of them to flip.
Round 3 happens and he's like "this challenge has voting blocks. Let's do another one"
So he ended up cancelling the challenge, and having everyone in the game answer a single question to determine who wins HOH
The amount of rigging he does, and missing events, actually made me not interested in the game so I went inactive for two weeks and got voted off.
This was supposed to be All Stars, but it was all rigging.


I've been wanting to apply for a while too :( Thanks for the advice!
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2,Feb 23, 2017
Look into VMR, Suitman, or T-Vivor
Great games and hosts
Sent by JakeGoesOnline,Feb 23, 2017

Final 2? ;)
Sent by Christian_,Feb 23, 2017
But yeah, I agree, you should never cancel a challenge unless a clear and obvious flaw has come up during the challenge. Majority Rules is not something that can have a technical difficulty, so changing the comp during it is really suspicious lmao
Sent by Christian_,Feb 23, 2017
I had just hopped from Suitman13 Survivor, one of the best
To this crap.
He changed the challenge cause his favorites were losing
He's a flop host, who rigs
Sent by JakeGoesOnline,Feb 23, 2017
That sucks man!  :(  I know a friend of mine tried hosting a Group Game this past Christmas and he ended up cancelling it because attendance just wasn't up to par, which I was really disappointed by because I wanted to keep playing his game despite the busy nights I had in the game.

One person I want to play a Group Game for again is Saftron.  Saf did a great job hosting, which something when I didn't even last long at all in his game.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 23, 2017
I'll look them up!
Sent by JakeGoesOnline,Feb 23, 2017
i love libanz but im not shocked that he did this hes always been a ghetto host
Sent by alwaysvictorious,Feb 23, 2017
20th - Garret (Obstreperous) {Walked Day 3}
Sent by Obstreperous,Feb 24, 2017

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