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VMR Season 1 Recap

Sep 27, 2016 by JakeGoesOnline
For the first time I managed to win a season, 5-0 vote I won Big Brother Virtual Meets Reality
Big thank you to carlyjordan14 for this incredible season.
So this is dedicated to you.

This season on virtual meets reality!
9 strangers moved into the big brother house. Among them, were the kid... The nanny... The one from his mothers basement... The actor... And the musician. On night one an alliance of Jake, Christian, and Vaughan was formed. They roped in Jourdan and created the Furious 4. Little did they know Jake was bonding with Casey.
After Jake was crowned the first HOH, Trae went to Christian and stated he was targeting Jake, Vaughan, and Giraffez for being the oldest. Because of this, Jake shifted his target from Giraffez to Trae.
But Jake needed a pawn. And when Casey volunteered that's when The Bandits were formed.
In a do or die veto, Jake took total control and sent Trae out the door.
In the next week, Vaughan made sure the Furious 4 had complete control and won HOH.
With the original target being Giraffez, The Bandits wanted Jordan out for her potential to become a very social threat.
In secret, Jake won the Diamond Power of Veto keeping his control over the game.
With Giraffez winning the veto, Jake convinced Vaughan to turn the Furious 4 into the Terrible 3... And Jordan was sent packing.
After Casey won the next HOH,  The Bandits struck and nominated Hunter, Christian, and Giraffez. When Nik tried to get Jake to throw the Veto to him, Jake decided to turn his back on the veteran... But it was Christian who won the POV. With Giraffez, Hunter, and now Vaughan on the block, Jake took initiative into his hands and used the Diamond Power of Veto to save Hunter and send Nik out the door. And with a shocking Double Eviction, Vaughan was sent out right next to him.
In a hilarious have not competition, Jake, Hunter, and Giraffez formed a 3 man alliance called the Spice Girls.
In a twist, the evicted Houseguests faced off with the final 5 to see who would return. Trae and Vaughan came out on top and they battled their way back.
In a heated Head of Household competition, it was Jake who stacked to the occasion. And Trae was sent right back out the door.
In the second Double Eviction week of the summer, Casey came to power and put Vaughan, Christian, and Hunter on the block.
After Hunter realized Jake and Casey might be a duo, he confided in Giraffez.
In a showdown against the weather, it was all sunshine for Vaughan.
Casey put Giraffez up on the block, guaranteeing The Bandits final 4.
But Jake had to choose between Hunter and Giraffez. 
Giraffez went to Jake and ratted Hunter out, resulting in both Hunter and Christians elimination.
In a battle for safety in the final 4, it was Casey who earned himself a spot in the final 3.
In an all important and all filling head of household, Jake rose to the occasion and cast the sole vote to evict Vaughan for the second time.
In the final battle, it was Jake who won the all important final Head of Household.
And in a tough choice, he evicted Giraffez who didn't take it lightly.
The stage is now set! Jake vs Casey!
Bandit vs Bandit! Who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother Virtual Meets Reality? Jake or Casey? And what to the Jurors have to say to the final 2. Find out on Big Brotherrrrer!
*Spoiler Alert: Jake Wins 5-0*



Omg "they roped in Jourdan"

I didnt realize i was #4 LMFAO
I thought i was like #2 LOLLL

Nice recap tho
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Sep 27, 2016
Excellent summary bro. Enjoyed it thoroughly
Sent by Praknasty,Sep 28, 2016
nice recap fam
Sent by topazisqueen,Sep 28, 2016
nice recap fam
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