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Aug 5, 2016 by JakeGoesOnline
There seems to be a war going on between Da'Vonne fans and non supporters so I'm going to be giving my two cents
First I'll start off with congratulations to Da'Vonne for her placement improving.
Now, it seems to me if you like the drama and entertainment aspect you seem to support Da
If you like the gameplay and strategy you seem to not be a fan
And I'm here to say both sides are ok!
Stop fighting with eachother cause one of you likes Paulie and the other likes Da...
Really it's a stupid fight
And remember, even though they're on a TV show they're still people



I mean, it is a TV show so entertainment trumps all tbh
Sent by Russell11,Aug 5, 2016
russell11 that's not true necessarily. Personally I watch for the strategy aspect, but to each their own
Sent by JakeGoesOnline,Aug 7, 2016

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