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TAG ME Jul 18, 2020
Tag JakeGoesOnline in the comments!!
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group game Jun 29, 2020
if anyone has any good group games for me to apply for; should me a message. id appreciate it. thanks guys
#survivor #fasting #casting
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help please Jun 20, 2020
if youre online Please mail SuitMan13 ADDS TIME TO JAKE’s TIMER! Thank you so much!!

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Gift Jun 8, 2020
Yeah does someone wanna gift me?
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Connor's Big Brother Apr 25, 2018
Was a horrible experience. He never showed up to his challenges, he allowed racist and anti-semetic comments; and almost everything he did was luck based.
I'm disappointed in myself for not quitting earlier.
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Help Me Win Veto Apr 23, 2018
Please follow this link and comment
"*donates (amount) karma to Jake
Please help!

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