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Radio Star - Week 3

5thOct 17, 2020 by Jacadeux
imageHello Everyone and Welcome to the first episode of week three!

This episode includes all of the performances and the judgements on each performance. Have fun watching and listening. :)

Voting will open up NOW, and last 24 hours.
Ask to be added to the Tengaged group game or the Skype group to be eligible for voting.


Voting is open! It will close tomorrow at 8:00 PM CST.

Remember to be in a Radio Star group to be eligible to vote.

Lemon Drop - Creep                                 00:29                    01:58
Vlad - Stay With Me                                04:11                05:55
Jack - River                                        08:59                11:02
Gummy Bear - Long Time Coming        15:07                16:29
The Siren - I Wanna Be A Billionaire        18:59                20:05
The Musical Fan - Hey There Delilah        22:46                25:02
TripleT-KA - Hey There Delilah                29:35                31:41
Pastel Dreams - Hallelujah                        36:18                37:10
Silver Wolf - Hallelujah                        39:28                41:37


I look forward to this every week <333
Sent by tswiftlover13,Oct 17, 2020
Has anyone started guessing whos who?
Sent by J4ckWilko,Oct 18, 2020
i will give somebody whoever sings an interesting song a vote cause these arent serving
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 18, 2020

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