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Can we thank this guy

Apr 20, 2021 by J4ckWilko

Every year he posts an anniversary blog of the Columbine Massacre to show that the victims of this horrific event will not be forgotten and without his blog. Many people maybe even myself would forget the anniversary but people like Sebbers is the type of people who we need on TG. The right people. The right people who remember the people that innocently lost their lives when attending school. A place to be safe, to learn but it still happens to this day.
His blogs allow us to realise that there has been no change in gun laws and America in general and even though school shootings may not be broadcast majorly, they still occur and should still be heard about and dealt with in appropriate measures.

So thank you Sebbers. On behalf of TG


++ with it being on 4/20 every1 is focused on har har weed day lolol tht it kinda gets shoved under the rug when its one of the biggest tragedies in recent American history. really sad nothing has changed since then :/
Sent by peace123,Apr 20, 2021

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