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2nd Hunger Games Tribute Bios District 7-12

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District 1 Female: Rosalina Fisere 18 Mastropola
District 1 Male: Flash Saxxee 16 Bigdizzleyomama

District 2 Female: Cicero Eve 16 Iicreazygx
District 2 Male: Marcellas Felex 15 Rickdev

District 3 Female: Thea Mellen 14 Tswiftlover13
District 3 Male: Neone Aalyash 15 Txashaun

District 4 Female: Anaconda Wraspe 17 Seaviper
District 4 Male: Delta Ahulwalia 15 Colincoco (Volunteer)

District 5 Female: Alba Edelin 18 Chris2pei
District 5 Male: Nikola Threedle 13 Drpepsi

District 6 Female: Porsha Rhodess 17 Tester
District 6 Male: Brooklyn Frazis 14 Mrkk

District 7 Female: Alameda Seman 14 Jameslu
District 7 Male: Twigie Smalls 15 Mattswan

District 8 Female: Denim Goiy 13 Emily7pop
District 8 Male: Red Windmere 17 CallmetheGOAT (Volunteer)

District 9 Female Semolina Grayt 18 Fromawindow
District 9 Male: Dinkel Zavier 16 Ratchett

District 10 Female: Brie Clanfe 16 Decisions
District 10 Male: Dale Hawthorf 12 Novamax243

District 11 Female: Birchlee Harrow 15 Turkeylover
District 11 Male: Forrest Wintergreen 13 Nateclove

District 12 Female: Zinnya Fantas 14 Shawnlolpop123
District 12 Male Lark Rosel 16 Chema_69_69

Capitol Characters:
Head GameMaker Ophelia Estrell
Interviewer: Pompadour Whispers

1st. Bran Collain 16, District 9 Brainjak


Here is District 7-12 of Tribute Bios. Remember to plus and comment if you enjoy what you see!!!
District 7 Female: Alameda Seman
Age: 14
Height: 5'1
Weight: 114lbs
Training Score: 6
Odds: 19/1
Weapon Proficiency: Pair of Hatchets

Backstory: Alameda is described to be the 'typical district 7 girl' who loved to play with blunted weapons or plastic weapons when she was around 10 upwards. Alameda had originally been training in secret with her boyfriend and 'secret mentor' Oakley so that she could volunteer when she was older. However it came to a massive shock for her and her boyfriend when she was reaped. Due to this, she was in a state of shock and paranoia as she considered herself not ready for what was about to come. When in training she only mainly spoke properly with Rosalina but shared a few conversations with a few other tributes. As a typical D7F she was easily using axes and was very good at climbing. In her training session, she missed a few shots which is presumed to be due to the stress of going into the games at such a young age.

District 7 Male: Twigie Smalls
Age: 15
Height: 5'9
Weight: 121lbs
Training Score: 5
Odds: 24/1
Weapon Proficiency: Garrotte

Backstory: Twigie is like a generic 15 year old just like Alameda however before the games he had no training at all and when reaped it was a really emotional time. It was said by several tabloids of the capitol that it had caused Twigie's sister to be admitted to a district 7 hospital due to self harming. However till this day Twigie doesn't know. When in training he had an array of basic skills but his ideology was that to try and get the basics of many different survivalist skills. When training he found his skill for garrotte usage. In his private session though, he played down his skill with the garrotte knowing he could use this skill as a secret in the arena.

District 8 Female: Denim Goiy
Age: 13
Height: 4'11
Weight: 101lbs
Training Score: 4
Odds: 31/1
Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Stars

Backstory: Denim is one of the younger tributes and therefore when she was reaped it was a shock due to expectations that it would be an older tribute like the male of the district. However, when she was called, she didn't react, she looked blankly at the stage, pushing her way through the crowd and to the the stage, walking upto the escort. Being of Asian decent, Denim was given a weird token which many of the capitol staff was confused as it was a small flag of the rising sun (Japan) where Denim's heritage lies. When training it was seemed that in the creating station she kept making her own weapons including these weapons that looked like a Japanese weapons, Throwing stars she called them. However due to limited time in her private session, she improvised with a sword causing her low score.

District 8 Male: Red Windmere
Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Weight: 143lbs
Training Score: 10
Odds: 6/1
Weapon Proficiency: Throwing knives.

Backstory: After a near win from the previous male of 8, there was a lot of pressure to better this and even win. When Red volunteered himself it was confirmed by the capitol tabloids that they labeled Red as one of their best fighters and that even though he did have his usual job in the factories, he would sharpen knitting needles using them for 'target practise' and it was said that many of his fellow workers were urging him to volunteer for the games hoping to bring back a District 8 victor. When sent off to the capitol, his escort was astounded on how well rounded he was with his height and muscular structure. While in practise, Red was one of the most cocky ones, constantly showing his weaponry ability and even nearly killing one of the trainers when wrestling. This incident actually made him into the favourite to win within a large group of the capitol.

District 9 Female Semolina Grayt
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 148lbs
Training Score: 6
Odds: 20/1
Weapon Proficiency: Weights

Backstory: Semolina is a very peaceful person and is known to be the mediator of her friendship group back in district 9. When she was reaped into the 2nd Hunger Games, cries where heard across the town square with everyone shocked at Semolina being reaped. When her name was announced, she tried to held back the emotion, whispering to her twin sister "I love you. Take care of Mom". Semolina walked away near enough straight away, leaving her sister in awe at what was happening in front of her. Semolina walked to the stage deeply breathed as she took to the steps. As a bigger girl, she knew what would be happening and knew that this would be her certain doom. It was said to be one of the most emotional receptions and when she got into the training centre, she knew what she had to do so she started to work on fitness and ended up to lose 8 pounds within two weeks. She gained her training score by showing how she had improved in her strength and overall fitness training.

District 9 Male: Dinkel Zavier
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 121lbs
Training Score: 5
Odds: 17/1
Weapon Proficiency: Hand to Hand Combat

Backstory: Dinkel's reaping was heavily overshadowed by Semolina's due to Dinkel being a district outcast however he was part of the same district 9 settlement of Bran, the previous victor and Dinkel was very observant during Bran's time back to the district and how he had 'changed'. When reaped he did not bat and eyelid and when someone tried to volunteer, Ty Krolik, he simply pushed him to the side, refusing Ty to volunteer for him. Due to this reaction, the peacekeepers had to escort him due to the worry that he would attack anyone else. When in the training centre though, he was explained as a normal tribute with very little to seperate him and the 'average' tributes.

District 10 Female: Brie Clanfe
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Weight: 109lbs
Training Score: 7
Odds: 22/1
Weapon Proficiency: Bow and Arrow

Backstory: Brie has been labelled the dark horse of the games. With her terrible showing of her district partner, many have also labelled that onto her and she has casually slept on throughout the pre game. When Brie was reaped, many was happy for her getting reaped since a few days before the reaping, it was found that she had accidentally contaminated the water supply to a pen of pigs who then died and it was blamed on another girl her age. This incident is said to have been her drive for getting a score of 7 like she did and she seemed to be very emotional when coming to her interview with Winters however her interview didn't stop her from getting a lower set of betting odds.

District 10 Male: Dale Hawthorf
Age: 12
Height: 4'8
Weight: 86lbs
Training Score: 4
Odds: 51/1
Weapon Proficiency: Swords

Backstory: Being the youngest reaped, at 12 years old very little was expected of Dale and due to his height and weight, him in comparison to Brie was worrying everyone as it was seemingly he had no chance. Dale was told this by Brie and he told Brie to follow him. Dale led Brie into a quiet part of their floor and showed her his token which was a vial of pig blood. He explained to Brie that it was all an act that he was actually extremely smart. Like Neone, he used this to his advantage and was able to create good reports with many of the tributes but Alba, Forrest, Birchlee and Brie especially.

District 11 Female: Birchlee Harrow
Age: 15
Height: 5'4
Weight: 94lbs
Training Score: 4
Odds: 37/1
Weapon Proficiency: Nets

Backstory: Birchlee worked in the typical apple orchards and was one of 8 children which is very common due to the poverty levels in the district. When Birchlee was called to become the representative for the female of District 11  her older sister, Mayson tried to volunteer for her but due to her being 19 she was not allowed to. Never being a fighter, Birchlee almost immediately gave up while she lived her best life, eating all she could knowing that she could never survive the games. When in her private training session, she got a table of food and was able to eat it in the time of her session.

District 11 Male: Forrest Wintergreen
Age: 13
Height: 5'2
Weight: 95lbs
Training Score: 6
Odds: 27/1
Weapon Proficiency: Knives

Backstory: Being another of the smaller tributes of the games, it was unlikely that Forrest would ever make an impression however due to his wit and charm, he was able to win over everyone in his interview by acting 'under the spell' of the capitol saying that 'The districts need to be punished' which made him hugely unpopular with the districts. However even due to his action he was able to create an alliance with Birchlee, Alba and the tribute from district 10, calling themselves the Outsiders.

District 12 Female: Zinnya Fantas
Age: 14
Height: 5'2
Weight: 97lbs
Training Score: 5
Odds: 32/1
Weapon Proficiency: Spiked gloves and boots.

Backstory: After a poor showing off of the district 12 female the year before, very little was expected of year 2 and when Zinnya was called upto the stage of district 12, a huge crowd of sighs were heard knowing that Zinnya would be another one whos death will be early and boring and predictable. However, Zinnya tried to hold back the tears of her almost death, she let out one tear as she waited for the boy from 12 to be announced. When her parents came to say goodbye to her, she didn't even want to speak to them since it would be harder to leave them meaning she practically told the avoxes to force her parents out back in the square. When training, it was noticed that she liked wearing the boots with spikes in it and she was found to be really good at hand to hand combat with these boots and some spiked gloves on also. By the tabloids, Zinnya was the model of the interviews with a gorgeous black and silver pant suit which hid the fact that she was only middle of the road with odds and scores.

District 12 Male: Lark Rosel
Age: 16
Height: 6'
Weight: 149lbs
Training Score: 8
Odds: 24/1
Weapon Proficiency: Sword

Backstory: Lark grew up in virtually the poorest of the poor and he and his younger sister enjoy when the games occur since they are able to apply for as much tesserae as possible. This meant Lark was put into the bowl 10's of times. When his name was called he was expecting it due to the amount of exact times his name was in the bowl. Due to him knowing this risk, he made sure that he was prepared and even secretly trained in the back of their yard trying to get himself strong enough and fast enough ready for his time in the games to come. When his name was reaped, he slightly glad as he knew he had the skills to win and even if he did die he could live his last days in the capitol eating what he wanted. In training, it proved that he had some sort of previous training as he was quickly using the sword station with near perfection.


That is the 24 tributes of the 2nd Hunger Games. Writing of the bloodbath have began and I assure you, the arena is a standard arena but with a unique twist. I hope you all enjoy this.



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