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2nd Hunger Games: Tribute Bios District 1-6

10thOct 25, 2020 by J4ckWilko
District 1 Female: Rosalina Fisere 18 Mastropola
District 1 Male: Flash Saxxee 16 Bigdizzleyomama

District 2 Female: Cicero Eve 16 Iicreazygx
District 2 Male: Marcellas Felex 15 Rickdev

District 3 Female: Thea Mellen 14 Tswiftlover13
District 3 Male: Neone Aalyash 15 Txashaun

District 4 Female: Anaconda Wraspe 17 Seaviper
District 4 Male: Delta Ahulwalia 15 Colincoco (Volunteer)

District 5 Female: Alba Edelin 18 Chris2pei
District 5 Male: Nikola Threedle 13 Drpepsi

District 6 Female: Porsha Rhodess 17 Tester
District 6 Male: Brooklyn Frazis 14 Mrkk

District 7 Female: Alameda Seman 14 Jameslu
District 7 Male: Twigie Smalls 15 Mattswan

District 8 Female: Denim Goiy 13 Emily7pop
District 8 Male: Red Windmere 17 CallmetheGOAT (Volunteer)

District 9 Female Semolina Grayt 18 Fromawindow
District 9 Male: Dinkel Zavier 16 Ratchett

District 10 Female: Brie Clanfe 16 Decisions
District 10 Male: Dale Hawthorf 12 Novamax243

District 11 Female: Birchlee Harrow 15 Turkeylover
District 11 Male: Forrest Wintergreen 13 Nateclove

District 12 Female: Zinnya Fantas 14 Shawnlolpop123
District 12 Male Lark Rosel 16 Chema_69_69

Capitol Characters:
Head GameMaker Ophelia Estrell
Interviewer: Pompadour Whispers

1st. Bran Collain 16, District 9 Brainjak


I know many provided names however, I like to do it with all traditional names and how I think they would be named. So sorry for that. Also there is no actual career districts at the moment as I am taking the presumption that, this is a new world and that we are basically starting from the beginning with non of the same victors like in the books/movies.


District 1 Female: Rosalina Fisere
Age: 18
Height: 5'8
Weight: 113lbs
Training Score: 5
Odds: 18/1
Weapon Proficiency: Knives

Backstory: After the poor showing of District 1, in the previous games, there was a great misery around the district square. When Rosalina was picked, she didn't do much but just huffed in annoyance, knowing that she wasn't much of a fighter or a survivalist due to her lavish lifestyle. While in training she was able to create good reports with several other tributes including Thea(3), Alameda(7) and Lark(12). When hearing of her odds she was surprised with them being so high, but it was later revealed it was due to her social butterfly moves, talking to several tributes during training.

District 1 Male: Flash Saxxee
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 101lbs
Training Score: 6
Odds: 21/1
Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Knives.

Backstory: Flash belonged to one of the poorest families in district 1, while also being the oldest of 4 children. When being called, his family wept and he had to be dragged off of his little sister, Clarence who was only 7. He looked back to his family as his mother wept, the children at her feet while he was slumped onto the stage next to Rosalina. Throughout training, Flash was very quiet and decided to keep his focus on survalist skills being mainly fire starting and hunting. During this he was also able to get better with a knife and his score of 6 was due to his hunting skills. He was very unbothered throughout the course of pre-games and was listed as the 'avox' of the games due to him not speaking.


District 2 Female: Cicero Eve
Age: 16
Height: 5'9
Weight: 117lbs
Training Score: 8
Odds: 9/1
Weapon Proficiency: Sais

Backstory: Cicero is a self-proclaimed mean girl. While living in District 2 she was seen as to not mess with and had little friends. When Cicero got chosen, she seemed quite chuffed with herself that she was going to go into the games. While in training, Cicero provided the gamemakers with an array of weaponry includes knifery, sword use and spears which are all casual weapons seen in District 2. It was later admitted that many of the other tributes was scared by her due to her 'outbursts' when training. This allowed her to get one of the best odds of this years games.

District 2 Male: Marcellas Felex
Age: 15
Height: 5'9
Weight: 136lbs
Training Score: 4
Odds: 38/1
Weapon Proficiency: Weights

Backstory: Unlike her district partner, Marcellas knew the doom of the hunger games and when reaped knew he would get the same fate as what happened to both of their tributes the year before. So due to this he was very inactive during the games and it was also mentioned that he had gained several pounds while in the training centre of the capitol. Due to this it was obvious to everyone that he would be one of the lower ranked tributes of the games.


District 3 Female: Thea Mellen
Age: 14
Height: 5'3
Weight: 99lbs
Training Score: 3
Odds: 47/1
Weapon Proficiency: Mace

Backstory: Thea is from one of the richer parts of district 3. She was a very studious girl and was one of the smartest in her year. When she was reaped for the games, she wasn't overly fussed but it came to a shock to both her and the rest of the citizens of district 3 after they had such a dominant female tribute on the last games. When in the training centre, she was able to work on a mix of skills but also she helped the boy from 4, Delta and Rosalina(1). However in her private training, her relationships did not help and she only scored a 3 by failing at fire starting.

District 3 Male: Neone Aalyash
Age: 15
Height: 5'8
Weight: 126lbs
Training Score: 3
Odds: 39/1
Weapon Proficiency: Camoflage

Backstory: Back home, Neone is a creative spirit and he knows how to put on a show. When working in the factories of 3, it was obvious he would be more suited in district 8 with fabrics. When in the training centre, he was in the camoflage area for most of his time making patterns that reminded him of his life back at home. It was also seen by game makers that he seemed to be out of touch with the games and definately an obvious low scorer.


District 4 Female: Anaconda Wraspe
Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 129lbs
Training Score: 6
Odds: 15/1
Weapon Proficiency: Spears

Backstory: Anaconda's reaping was actually a punishment for her fathers doing. It was unknown to capitol citizens until the interview that her father was involved with a scandal of leaking information to 'outsiders' of Panem. Due to this Anaconda was sent into the games for punishment, however unlike what people expected, Anaconda became one of the higher scorers. It was found while training occurred, she was proficient in spear work and demonstrated fishing as her skill. The scandal however did not affect her odds and became middle of the road.

District 4 Male: Delta Ahluwalia
Age: 15
Height: 5'11
Weight: 149lbs
Training Score: 9
Odds: 7/1
Weapon Proficiency: Trident

Backstory: Being one of the volunteers of this years games Delta's bravery or stupidity a lot of the districts call it, was overlooked by the shenanigans of the females reaping. His reasons for volunteering are still unknown but when walking up to the stage of district 4, he didn't seem to bat an eye lid and even seemed ready. While in training, he started to talk to Thea and the two of them started to click really well possibly making the first alliance of the games. Due to the last years good doing in the games, Delta was one of the highest predicted to win which he seemed very unphased by before giving the comment:
"It's only numbers"


District 5 Female: Alba Edelin
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Weight: 104lbs
Training Score: 10
Odds: 18/1
Weapon Proficiency: Hand To Hand

Backstory: When the reaping came around, it seemed that District 5's fate would be like the year before however when stepping into the training centre she became a beast, becoming an all rounder as such. Gamemaker Ophelia said in her interview that Alba was one of those who she sees to win due to her natural movement with weapons and how when she walked into the centre she became a natural in wrestling, knife skills, climbing and many other training stations and even many trainers said they was shocked at how advanced she was. However a blunder in her private session made her score drop a little. Going into the games, she is seen to be one of the front runners and she is even being called a career tribute but it is unknown on the meaning of this.

District 5 Male: Nikola Threedle
Age: 13
Height: 5'2
Weight: 93lbs
Training Score: 5
Odds: 36/1
Weapon Proficiency: Use of Poisons

Backstory: Nikola is a calm and particularly clever tribute. At first appearance he would be passed off as an early kill, however when pre-interviews with family and friends occured, it was significantly remembered that people losed Nikola was smart, possibly one of the most intelligent in the district. This proved helpful in the training centre and he already knew a lot of survivalist skills after being brought up in a particularly poorer area of the district. The only problem was that due to his physique he was nothing like a fighter which meant he created relationships with stronger tributes like Brooklyn(6) and Porsha(6) who agreed upon an alliance. When scores was announced, his training score was higher than predicted by the citizens of Panem but still not impressive.


District 6 Female: Porsha 'Square Wheel' Rhodess
Age: 17
Height: 5'3
Weight: 107lbs
Training Score: 4
Odds: 42/1
Weapon Proficiency: Slingshot

Backstory: Before entering into the 2nd games, Porsha was a traditional school girl who was preparing herself to go into manufacturing of motors for the capitol since that is the only thing they are really allowed to do. But unfortunately she wasn't ever any good at this trade and she was constantly mocked and jeered at by not only her classmates and teachers but the large number of peacekeeper and she has been constantly named as 'Square wheel' due to her incapacity of the trade. When training she stook to her district partner like glue and joined up with Nikola and was able to learn a few skills off of them but wasn't really much use resulting her poor performance.

District 6 Male: Brooklyn Frazis
Age: 14
Height: 5'3
Weight: 119lbs
Training Score: 7
Odds: 11/1
Weapon Proficiency: Bow and Arrow

Backstory: Brooklyn was virtually the opposite of Porsha and when reaped many was confused on who Brooklyn was due to his lack of presence. A quite kid at home, turned into a good fighter while in the training centre, being the best at the bow and arrow section. He was said to be the one who created the alliance between Porsha and Nikola as he felt both of them had that thing about them. When in his tribute interview, his interviewer reported that he was his favourite due to his wit and prowess even though he was only 14.


Those are the first 12 tributes of the 2nd Hunger Games with the tributes from Districts 7-12 being released soon.

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