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Hell's Kitchen S20 E08 RANKS

Jul 21, 2021 by J2999
01. Josie [-]
02. Sam [+1]
03. Emily [-1]
04. Victoria [-]
05. Keanu [+3]
06. Brynn [+1]
07. Megan [-2]
08. Steve [+4]
09. Kiya [+1]
10. Trenton [-4]
11. Antonio [-2]

Ep thoughts:
- Eh I mean I LIKE the cook for your life, typically anyway, this one was good, but it depends what they do the F6 round, as since S16 they've done the 3 round challenge where 2 are safe then 2 then one final between the bottom 2, and I mean I LIKE that but I don't want that AND a Cook for your life, like c'mon give me something different to spice it up.
- Emily being compared to CHRISTINA oh we love a good sign.
- The Cook For Your Life like being sorta vote based, love the S12/S14 vibe to that.
- Why was Emily even IN the CFYL…. She shouldn’t have been.
- I mean honestly why were... numerous of them in that LMFAO. Where was ANTONIO? Where was ... honestly TRENTON [over Emily at least]... make it make sense.
- I’d sorta accidentally spoiled myself as I mistakenly refreshed the wiki so saw the loser had a LOSE WIN edit prior, so knew it was Brynn/Kiya/Keanu, eh perhaps would’ve preferred it to be Kiya, but I guess makes sense.
- Yeah not too shocked by the boot, unlucky her though.
- Victoria sorta diva…. She sorta seems like she will be a soon boot, but I do like her.
- The Emily/Josie relationship segment aww I do support them both.
- The vibes just screaming MEGAN/STEVE FINAL TWO like stopppp imagine how bored we'll be. Both are fine and good people, but if that was the Final 2 then honestly might as well have stopped watching after episode like 3/4.

ROUGH prediction:
10. Victoria
09. Antonio
08. Josie
07. Sam
06. Trenton
05. Brynn
04. Kiya
03. Emily
02. Steve
01. Megan

BUt I hope I'm wrong with a lot of that like an F5 of Brynn/Emily/Josie/Sam/...VICTORIA is so tasteful right now.

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nobody watch that stop blogging
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Jul 21, 2021
Interesting you didn’t tag me
Sent by Christian_,Jul 21, 2021
gabrieltrezza duh hence i tagged the few that do
Christian_ I TAGGED U EP 1 but there was no comment so i wasn't sure! but noted for le future.
Sent by J2999,Jul 21, 2021
No don’t talk to me
Sent by Christian_,Jul 21, 2021
I was shook when he said that about Emily and honestly I am not a fan of the cook for your lives
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jul 21, 2021
Sent by iSandeh,Jul 21, 2021
i watch that <3
Sent by Jaxon,Jul 21, 2021
Antonio shouldve been in the bottom, period.
Sent by mikec51,Jul 21, 2021
@gavrieltrezza stfu

J2999 Can we just talk about how Keanu was ROBBED! She has been mostly consistent throughout the competition, and then she overcooks her dish a little and she’s sent home. I definitely think Emily should’ve gone home over her since she forgot a key component to her dish! Or maybe even Josie who doesn’t even taste her food!
Sent by NanoNerd,Jul 21, 2021
Sent by NanoNerd,Jul 21, 2021
Sent by HowLovely,Jul 21, 2021
NanoNerd it is interesting a previous season like forgetting the sprouts WOULD have been the reason for it, and it HAS been before, so definitely... interesting

I think she had a couple LESSER services, but unfortunate nevertheless and there were numerous more deserving boots as a whole
Sent by J2999,Jul 21, 2021
this challenge has robbed my moms Gizzy and Keanu
Sent by Birks4444,Jul 22, 2021

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