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Brief Departure < 3

1stMay 12, 2019 by J2999
Not going to tag anyone as do not need for this to be a big deal

For the next month and a bit I'll be off the site for life necessities aka exams whoop whoop :)))

Ideally now, but within the next 16 hours certain, I'll be off the site, so just wanted to say cheers to anyone I've been mates with over the last year and a half, honestly met some amazing people <3

I'll be on skype on and off over the next month , so if you rly need me reach out there , those I've got on snap yeah I'll be on there daily still in reality lmao x

So yeah, again not posting for the clout otherwise there'd be a stream of tags , literally just for generic notice incase anyone happens to be curious.

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you, and I like my choices." :)

Ok now flood a spam of blogs so this doesn't get attention td x

Much love !

oh PS. don't unfriend me please k cheers ! xx

EDIT: ugh i rly accidentally clicked a link and hadn't logged out

peace 2.0 Sunday 19th May!


I鈥檇 say goodbye but we鈥檒l talk on snap every day anyway so xx!
Sent by Christian_,May 12, 2019
hope everything is ok king
Sent by koolness234,May 12, 2019
dont let the door hit u on the way out
Sent by obscurity,May 12, 2019
I鈥檇 say goodbye but we鈥檒l talk on snap every day anyway so xx!
Sent by EmzThorne,May 12, 2019
I love you so much xx
Sent by gabrieltrezza,May 12, 2019
Sad even though I knew about this for a month <3
Sent by mbarnish1,May 12, 2019
scramble your password first
Sent by BluJay112,May 12, 2019
Sent by Joseph____,May 12, 2019
Love you king MWAH
Sent by purplebb4,May 12, 2019
king see ya in a month
Sent by OldNewz,May 12, 2019
have a nice time off and good luck on exams and any other stuff like that!!!
Sent by noobsmoke13,May 12, 2019
Sent by PoohSnap,May 12, 2019
slay those exams
Sent by Jacadeux,May 12, 2019
Love u midg stay small xx
Sent by s73100,May 12, 2019
This is the perfect exit blog. Take note, Tengaged.
Sent by RealJacksonWalsh,May 12, 2019
Gl with your exams James :)
Sent by Blitszims,May 12, 2019
Sent by Haykee,May 12, 2019
Sent by Absol,May 13, 2019
see u <3
Sent by Birks4444,May 13, 2019
GL James!!! 馃挅
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 13, 2019
Sent by Roshy,May 13, 2019
Let鈥檚 hpoe next 鈿斤笍 season is better
Sent by PrincessTeePee,May 13, 2019
no doubt u'll slay <3 love u mate
Sent by Hufus,May 13, 2019
Luv ya James 馃挄
Sent by DavidM7,May 13, 2019
< 33
Sent by BBMeganNicole,May 13, 2019
Good luck buddy!
Sent by Thepermanentone,May 21, 2019
hlw baby
Sent by hotsexibailey27,Apr 24, 2020

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