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Final HoH Part 1

16thNov 23, 2017 by J2999
Bjorn 's game :)
Plus this into multiples of 47 please!

Praise for other housemates:
15th- Kaldridge - Sorry we didn't speak, would've been great to speak to you!

14th- Dibby1010 - Voted to keep you here, such a nice person :)

13th- wwecmw - Didn't speak to you either, same as Kaldridge really.

12th- DezzLegacy - Sorry you went, same as WWE and Kaldridge though.

11th- gsatt12 - Sorry you left under my HoH just we never spoke in this game, sorry man you are a great person.

10th- dan12233445566 - Nominated you when I was HoH and evicted you here, straight up didn't talk but I know you're a good person :)

9th: Juror 1- aria_grande - Always great talking to you, congrats on making jury! A great person on this site :)

8th: Juror 2- JSBReality -  Another great person on the site, love playing your group games!

7th: Juror 3- iichaoskimmy - Great person, enjoyed seeing you in that fasting yesterday. Haven't seen you as much anymore but a great person :)

6th: Juror 4- Pizza4256 - Played tons of games with you, always love it :) Great guy!

5th: Juror 5- FelipeS - Play a lot of frookies with you, always a loyal friend :)

4th: Juror 6- BreadMaster0221 - A great friend on the site, love playing games with you. Had to evict you here because you had the best chance of winning, sorry :(

Good luck Max1130 and WannaBeeFriends



I plussed it. Anything else I could do?
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Nov 23, 2017
Thanks! jjvawesomeness0511
Sent by J2999,Nov 23, 2017
Sent by idontmessaround,Nov 23, 2017
Sent by MisterPredaa,Nov 24, 2017
2 away is going to be hard to beat J2999
Sent by Bjorn,Nov 24, 2017

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