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Sooooo ~ Major bloody cringe fest ngl Sep 17, 2018
Hi guys it's Extra2999 and basically I wasn't gonna do this but as my name strongly suggests I'm extra so here we are.

A year ago today was when I first joined this site, so kinda just wanted to blog for no reason tbh. Apologies for the overload of cringe.

PS: let's form a quick prayer circle that Extra2999 won't make a 2 year one of these, if I'm even here, but hopefully I shouldn't considering I was hesitant about this :P

Apologies if I missed you my bad, most people on here are off my friends list, you're still a legend even if you didn't get tagged =]

Cheers to all these great people for making this year on the site as good as it could be ig? (note didn't include people who have been a few days inactive, but still appreciate you a ton ie Wes, Luke, Blake):

BigBrotherDonny (ftr you're my favourite son on this list)

Away from that a massive ty to all people who have hosted me, but in particular SuitMan13. Seriously ty for hosting me 6 times now (Big Brother 7, Big Brother 8, Ghost Island, I'm A Celeb, Twisted Stars, Cutthroat). Honestly cries at the fact I've never really succeeded in any, though GI/Cutthroat was unlucky for reasons, Twisted stars I did decent ig hahaha. But yeah thank you for hosting me multiple times, always a blast!

Also s/o to the main chats I'm in, Nerd Herd, Potatoes, Slut Lake, all full of great people <3
Also a massive thank you to everyone in #TheFrat especially Olivia, thanks to all who helped me get by this year I've been in it !

I missed a ton of people sorry about that literally just put this together in 5 ugh sorry don't come for me :x



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Bored as Crap- PYN Aug 15, 2018
And I'll say what my first memory/opinion of you was

Then I'll send you current one via mail/skype :P

#GoodKaren - seeing you post 11:11 make a wish for sure. I also remember disliking you because you voted me out in survivor despite us being allies. I was preaching BadKaren for a couple weeks if I'm being honest

#FireWolf - Gunther you've always been a close mate of mine, back since you were on gkg. I remember you telling me something once, which, despite you possibly not getting the outcome you wanted, but made me feel so good that someone genuinely cared that much. Only positive memories of you.

#Amnesia_ First memory is I'm pretty sure due to frooks. We used to kill them together, especially the earlier ones !!

Christian_ M&N's bro! We were on the same tribe premerge, luckily we never went to tribal, but I remember you were my target if we did go lmaoooo. Then came merge and you saved my arse at F11, then you just fu**ing (using asterisks in case it's banable lmao? ) to the end

#harrywasnak holy crap bro where do we go? I know we had a rooks in December where we got to know each other, but I knew you before then. Most likely due to frooks? But yeah late 2017 was when we first started talking.

#Lemjam6 Jake my main memories of you are from when you hosted me in season 5 of JAR BB, and I seriously could've won had I not screwed myself at Final 3 HoH

#Thirteen my first memory of you was us being chill in frooks but one of us getting evicted early, and then seeing you trolling on the blogs page.

#Peace123 Connor king, I actually remember my first memory being wanting to get that day 2 HoH in rooks to nominate you. I either didn't get it, or we formed that quick alliance with b1 so yeah. THen we slayed the faves and made top 3.

#Paige54 H-O-L-Y Shit. How did we first meet? Wtf? Wtaf? It was possibly via a casting? I honestly have no clue. Obviously it was on 5459, but hot damn. I mean we obviously became close via like the Nerd Herd, and now the pots chat. But I generally can't pinpoint where. I think it was like October/November time though.

#C00LDUDE1000 I think the first time I saw you on tg was most likely when you were in a stars, but the first time we spoke was when we were in a hunger which idt either of us did particularly well in

#s73100 well I mean when I first met you, you weren't a midg*t so I'm not quite sure what happened there. We met through the Nerd herd, but throwback to then and like the next 3 months when I thought you hated me lmao

sihz I feel like we had spoken once before Vlad's Survivor, but that's my first memory tbh. The main things of that I remember was when we had to do that tengaged rainbow for a challenge one time, and how that was literal torture tryna find people, and then us going to the end together.

Mikec51 the first time we met was in a casting in late 2017, and we started talking like straight away, mainly due to us both being mates with Olivia

Arris the first memory I have of you to be honest was me gifting you for (I think) LoveLife hahah

1001games Jonah legend! I feel like we had probably done a few frooks before, but my first and main memory of you is for sure in the power struggle. You were so entertaining hahaha, and also a great ally, whilst you were in the game

Kaylabby first memory is definitely from hunger a few months ago! I remember you being a great loyal ally !!

CYCLONE Another one of my first great mates on this site. I'm pretty sure we met early October, though it could've been late September, and honestly we've just always got along. My first memories though are the ones in those early frooks days, when we honestly killed it day in day out

alanb1 lmfao first memory was obviously THAT survivor game I voted you off. I then remember being savage or something to you on skype, because another key thing I remember from that is you responding to something I said with "You don't need to be rude" ahahahahh

Thumper91 Lauren icon !! My first memory of you was definitely from Nerd Herd, despite us like never speaking 1 on 1 in it ahhahah

BlueStar1367 First time we spoke was over mails, and I remember you being a sound guy who I enjoyed talking to !!

ghrocky100 First main memory was back in Stars 501! You were a great loyal ally, and I was glad we got to make F3 together bro

Lalisa Suitman's BB S8 !! I mean neither of us did good if we're being real,  but yeah that was the first time we met

TJ2807 I wonder which messy game we did first meet on actually. The first one I really remember is the Power Struggle though hahahha. Ughhhhh you beating me at that F4 poll honestly was tragic for me lmao, but hey we got 4th and 3rd out of like 16 so not half bad hahaha

Typhlosion37 we've played a few hungers together, but never really spoke. Current one is the first time we really have. Sorry for attacking you bro, good luck btw, and I enjoyed working with you

WhateverTheF Franky man!! First memory of you was for sure back in my noob white level days, like the first week on the site for me. I remember first game we played was a fasting, both made F3 iconic <3

BengalBoy I think the first time I saw of you was either from a blog/ when you did stars a month after I joined. Chances are it was stars because yikes I had no clue how to get to the blogs page for like a few weeks lmao

MinnieMax I'd seen you around on tengaged since I joined tbh. I'd also see you speak in chats such as the pots chat every now and then. My main first memory of you though was when we played S8 of BBB hahah

Burgerman2929292 bro we first met back when I was only a few weeks into this site and you were only a few days into it. I'm pretty sure first memory was playing a fasting and making F3

Roshy I believe I first met you like a couple weeks after I joined in a frooks. I was always fond of you I know that hahah

benp428 first memories deffo the good ol' frookies days <33

koolness234 The first memory of you I have was that Stars assessment you did for my stars game hahahha

ZForZombie First time was for sure when I played S1 of your BB, it was great !!

HeyItsFox First memory was, well it's still happening, but Bonework's the challenge game :P

Joaovictor I mean before I really got to know you, I know we ended up being in the same castings often. The main one I remember, before I really knew you, was one because I thought you hated me lmao

Libbydawsonx mate first tg memory was honestly me laughing at the fact you had it, I mean you saw me react lmfao. My actual first was that I disliked you which I told you about lmao, and that I didn't want you in the English crew. But textiles was a classic tbf ahahah. ALSO LMFAO idk if you remember it but that Food Tech lesson with those flour shaker thingies ahahahahahahah

dwipeouts I've known you for quite a while tbh man, but the main memory I have was when we were in BigBen's and you got rocked out :(

JasonXtreme ok without tryna sound weird, but when I used to do a lot of profile stalking, I remember I saw yours and thinking you were iconic hahah, but you were inact at the time. I remember you joined the frat frat for a bit too

RainbowKing YouTube Survivor <3

Jaybirdnifty I am pretty sure it was BB Just Desserts !!

Juliann hmmm I'm not sure tbh bro. I know we played a survivor once, for like 2 rounds anyway ahahaha. That might be it
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Head of Household 8 Jul 30, 2018
Tag who you want to win
Players being added as they complete Stage 1!
Good luck, players.


Past players are allowed to vote, but not current players.
and thanks to any voters for cooperation!
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Tag your favourite 5 pigs Jul 7, 2018
I'll start

1- ThePug
2- PeppaPig
3- RobbyJak
4- Pumbaa
5- MissPiggy

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Tag the biggest Winston stanner you know Jul 4, 2018
Other than myself xd

I'll start


from Paige54 0 min ago
I decided I love Winston such a king. You are right he should be called WinSTAN bc I stan him that much

Paige queen of stanning the good people on BB20

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World Cup- Knockout Stages Jun 28, 2018
GROUP STAGE- https://tengaged.com/blog/J2999/8588545/world-cup-group-stage

All knockout round info posted here, up until the final!

16 teams and players still in the running:
Argentina 🇦🇷 AlanDuncan
Belgium 🇧🇪 Malachite05
Brazil 🇧🇷 GoodKaren
Colombia 🇨🇴 BigBrotherDonny / alanb1
Croatia 🇭🇷 WpwSers196
Denmark 🇩🇰 Damo1990
England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Mysterygame2
France 🇫🇷 Blitszims
Japan 🇯🇵 Juliann
Mexico 🇲🇽 Christian_
Portugal 🇵🇹 RedFabFoxy
Russia 🇷🇺 ChubbyHuggs
Spain 🇪🇸 Admir
Sweden 🇸🇪 Memphis_Grizzlies
Switzerland 🇨🇭 FelipeS
Uruguay 🇺🇾 danyyboy67

Round of 16:
Belgium 🇧🇪 3-2 Japan 🇯🇵
Brazil 🇧🇷 2-0 Mexico 🇲🇽
Colombia 🇨🇴 1-1(P) England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England win 4-3 on penalites
Croatia 🇭🇷(P)1-1 Denmark 🇩🇰 Croatia win 3-2 on penalties
France 🇫🇷 4-2 Argentina 🇦🇷
Spain 🇪🇸 1-1(P) Russia 🇷🇺 Russia win 4-3 on penalties
Sweden 🇸🇪 1-0 Switzerland 🇨🇭
Uruguay 🇺🇾 2-1 Portugal 🇵🇹

Brazil 🇧🇷 1-2 Belgium 🇧🇪
Russia 🇷🇺  2-2(P) Croatia 🇭🇷 Croatia win 4-3 on penalties
Sweden 🇸🇪 0-2 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Uruguay 🇺🇾 0-2 France 🇫🇷

France 🇫🇷 1-0 Belgium 🇧🇪
Croatia 🇭🇷 (AET)2-1 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 💔😣

Third Place Play-Off:
Belgium 🇧🇪 2-0 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

France 🇫🇷 4-2 Croatia 🇭🇷
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