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8th Time Mar 12, 2018
And finally pulled off the win :)

Big thanks to all in game, especially these guys :)

2nd s73100
3rd BigBrotherDonny
4th AlanDuncan (shiiiitttt sorry dk why I skipped you in game)
5th Bluejay7622
6th joaovictor
7th Josh742
8th ClassiCaz5
9th BluJay112
10th Quackerz
11th cswaggerr
14th deathwish
15th Noxfgh
16th capguy1
18th Lavaworks
19th melindaMrskk
22nd GrrrImABear
26th mercedes415
27th Bluejay762
29th Question

Special shoutout for alanb1 and peace123

Ty guys <3
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The Power Struggle- Tengaged Rainbow Jan 13, 2018
Classic TG rainbow:

Light Green
Dark Green
TV Star


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Maybelline Dec 25, 2017
I do not like making negative blogs about people, as I find that unfair. But this needs to be addressed to.
You blog about 'pathetic premades', you blog about 'winning frooks', you made a blog about people invading the website.
It seriously is not hard to win a game of frooks when you ARE over half of the jury. The fact you need at least 4 multi's each game, proves you can't win one on your own?
Blogging about premades, you join as a premade with yourself every game?
Blogging about an invasion on the website, yeah that's how everyone feels seeing you join their games as 5 different people.

Oh yeah, and please don't blog about people saying disgusting comments:
Maybelline 0 min ago
I literally hope you all get bombed by fucking terrorists

Maybelline 0 min ago
Kill yourself cunt

The bit which pisses me off the most about you is the fact you then go on to deny it. Call people out, claiming the true facts they are saying are false. If you are gonna be 'pathetic' enough to play as over half the cast in a game to win, at least have the decency to admit it.

Lots of people know I do not like anthousai or Bambino. However, they can actually play for themselves. Even if they join with a premade of a couple of others, their premade is not half of the cast.
You just need to grow up, and play for yourself. Stop ruining games for others, if they just want to enjoy themselves for an hour.

If you are still reading, some accounts she hacked to be her multi's:

Blog over. Merry Christmas <3

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PYN For Idk, Like What The Things Below Are? :D Dec 22, 2017
Oliviaxoxo genuinely so nice, best frat president someone could ask for, get confused why you talk to a piece of shit like me, but I don't complain as you are someone I would consider a good friend on tengaged. Such a great person <3

Petro Annoyingly great at frooks, such a nice guy and always replies to messages. Enjoy any conversation we have, and like I think I've almost always voted for you to win anything you're in because you're that great :)

GoodKaren We've never really spoke but we've been in a couple of the same Castings and you seem like a great person, annoying how good you are at getting keys ;) Hope we can talk more in future :)

Path Alexander you're one of my faves to do a frooks with, you are one of the most loyal people I've met on this site and hope we continue how we currently are. Such a nice guy who I know is always there for me <3

Thepermanentone Jack you are one of the first people I met on this site. You were in my first game and what I mainly remember was being pissed you screwed over JJ at F4 though you had fair reasons to. After that, in our next game, we spoke from the start and ever since then we always message each other in games. Such a great guy who is extremely easy to talk to, and always makes me happy when we join games together and also when we do group games together as I know we are 100% loyal to each other. :D

Music We're in the same frat, and you are a nice guy. I know we've only been in a couple of games together but from the start of them I knew you were going to be great, hope we could talk more in future though as you also seem as though you are very interesting :)

#_Finesse Pretty sure we've only spoke in mails and tbf it's usually about spam haha. From when I've spoke to you though I can tell you are a good person, and would like to get to know you better :)

#Sparky4444 We only met about a week ago, in a frooks, and we instantly clicked. As soon as we pm'ed each other, I knew we'd get along great. A pretty funny guy who knows how to kill a frooks. Hope we can see each other in more games soon as that one was great, and go to F2 together as you're a great person :)

Lazeric We have been through so many ups and downs. First it was me plussing spam for you, then we finally met in a game and that did not go down great. After that game, we messaged for a bit and decided to put it all past behind us and 100% I'm happy we did as since then we've pretty much been great, except 1 or 2 changes. Such an amazing person, I know in any game I can pm you and we can kill it :D

WhateverTheF Fml Franky you are actually the nicest guy I have met on this site. You always know how to cheer me up, always are there for me, always volunteer to be evicted vs me, vs other friends. Literally if everyone was EXACTLY like you, then we'd be in a 'perfect world'. Hope we stay friends for however long we're both on this site, as I couldn't do this without you. We first met in a fasting, made F3 by staying loyal. Now day in day out we are killing frooks together, and I wouldn't change it for anything (except you winning every game) <3

#Arris We've never really spoke I don't think, but I read some of your blogs sometimes and they are funny. Seem like an entertaining guy, and I'd like to get to know you better :)

#Thumper91 Again, I don't believe we've really talked? But just from clicking your profile once, considering Marcus is ranked as your No.1 friend, I can tell you must be a great person who has a great sense of humour :)

#Lifeiscool Bloody hell we've had a ton of ups and down. We are good atm but not long ago we had that frooks where things went awkward. I know you can be a great person, and almost always are, so I hope we can continue at the stage we are at, doing fine because I'm pretty sure we feel the same, in thinking we'd rather be with than against each other. But yeah you're such a nice guy, and happy we're all good.

Question Seth, we get along great and you are one of my favourite people on this site. Happy we got past what we were like when you first got this account, and also thank you for never staying pissed with me if I nominated someone like Bryan. Such an entertaining person, who always makes any game I'm in better. Amazing guy <3

#Burgerman2929292 We have always got along great, and you are a great fasting player and you're also good at frooks. Also good at hosting an enjoyable group game! Also, hope you are alright with what's going on in your life atm, but happy you have the support as you'd be just as supportive to anyone else, because that's the type of person you are.

StarySky Tracey you are one of my closest friends here, and I wouldn't change that for anything. Most days we do at least one frooks together, and always kill it. Such a great person, and happy I can talk to you about literally anything. Always there for me and many others, and that's what so many people love about you. Absolutely amazing person, so happy I met you <3

Matedog1209 Nathan we haven't played too many games together, but when we do they're always a blast. Such a great guy, who is also very smart and strategic. We don't talk really outside games, which also in a way makes them enjoyable as we talk for the whole duration of the game, each day. Such a great person, and very happy you always talk to me :D

Spartagow No idea how the fuck you are so good at Sum Me. Literally the best at that. We always get on, and usually end up in the same frookies/ survivor games. Most the time they go pretty well, love playing with you as we have a great trust, that we always save each other, with HoH/ PoV and at eviction, and to win. We also have trust that we never will betray each other in survivor. Literally such a nice guy, always there for me in games and someone I am happy to receive a pm. Again though, No idea how the fuck you are so good at Sum Me.

#Levvy We don't play together often, but the fact you are never bitter, and always up to work with me again proves your great personality. In fastings I used to never approach you as I was adamant you didn't like me due to me screwing you over, but happy that in things like frooks we have been able to work together and repeatedly message as talking to a guy like you is enjoyable. Great person :)

#Bjorn You are such a good person, and you also create great blog and group games which are always fun to play in. In the few months I've been on TG, I've enjoyed seeing you in new games considering you were someone I met back in September. Funny and interesting guy, and also part of that chatzy everyone keeps being timed out of ;) hahaaha.

#Philip13 We didn't meet too long ago but I'm happy we did. Not only did we manage to make F2 in a frooks, we have made it far in group games such as 'The Elimination Game'. You are a very entertaining guy and definitely someone I hope to be able to continue on TG with for a very long time. Always love seeing you in games :D

#Cromatique To be honest we haven't really spoke to each other. You obviously are a great group game host though, with your random stars always having a long waiting list I am part of. From when we pm'ed a couple of times in the past, you are a nice guy. Can't wait to play in your random stars game :D

Mikec51 Wow you are such a nice person! We have only played in that one casting together, but you were so easy to talk to, and made it so much more enjoyable. Usually there's always a group that join together, which there was, but they only talk to themselves. When you always replied, it made me realise you are such a great guy who I could talk to literally at any time. If I wasn't poor as shit I'd gift because you deserve like a lot of gifts. Seriously hope we can do another game together, as loved doing that one with you! P.S- Congrats on Winning :P

BengalBoy We haven't ever spoke I don't think, but from seeing some of your blogs and comments on others, I can tell you are a funny guy who must be a pleasure to talk to. Also, I'm telling you because like OBVIOUSLY one vote makes the whole difference, voted you to win your most recent stars as you deserve it. You seem like a good person who would be fun to get to know :)

#AdamLovesEverything We have only played together in frooks, but always been loyal and always got along. You are a great guy and I enjoy all games we have together, as I know we will go to the end together, as we just click instantly. So happy I met you a month or so ago, and can't wait for more games together as they're all very enjoyable :D

FelipeS Such a good guy, love any games we do together as we always kill it. Your profile page is always just amazing, without hesitation you are one of my favourite people on this site. Literally any connotation of the word 'good' describes you. <3

#Birks4444 I'm pretty sure we met like not long after you joined, and we have got along well ever since. Literally had no downs, and happy we're keeping it like that. Pretty funny guy and always loyal :) Also, congrats on getting your top blog :D

#BreadMaster0221 We've played a few fastings together and usually do well. Such a nice guy who I also enjoy playing quite a  few group games with! We also do some frookies which shows what kind of person you are -------> a loyal, thoughtful person who puts others before himself. So happy I met you, and enjoy any games we are in together, group or non group :)

#TaraG What an icon. One of the nicest people and by far one of the friendliest. Can't remember how we met but I'm very happy we did! Love any games we do, though there aren't as many now. We did do a couple of frooks recently, one of which we managed to make F2 which was amazing. The next I screwed you which I felt so bad for, but I believe we moved on which I'm happy about. So happy I met you, and enjoy every opportunity we get to talk to each other, in and out of games <3

#brunopds Bruno we have played in quite a few games together, and you are pretty good at comps. In most of those games we got along well which was also great, and you came across as a great person. Would be good to get to know you better outside of games as we never talk outside them, but you are overall a good guy :D

#trickdaddy6 We have played a few frooks together, and we are even now. Though we have screwed each other over once, you are a great person and I hope that neither one of us screws the other again as we are much better with rather than against. A proper nice guy and someone I 100% love pm'ing in games, and also going far in games :D

#purplebb4 Such a great person! Haven't played a game with you in a while, but I remember our last game we killed it and made top 5 together! Also we should talk more outside games, as we haven't really though I'd love to because you're great!

Obstreperous I know we have 100% done a group game together just I can't remember which one haha. But what I can remember is how much of a nice guy you are and how supportive you are of everyone such as gkg before he got hacked. I would love to get to know a great guy that I know you are, and if you decide to play a game again, I'd definitely love to do one with you as I can highly imagine you kill them!

Thirteen You are a very talented player who destroys literally every game. We're both actively playing games, though we should really get one in together as I think we'd be able to dominate. You seem like a good person from what I've seen, and it would be great to get to know you :D

Hisoka You are great at like everything. Love it when we're in the same guys as we literally have to send 2 messages at the start, that result in us having a strong duo to last a game. You especially destroy survivor's, don't know how you are so amazing at it. Such a great person who I love talking to, and every game I see you in that I'm also in, I feel somewhat more powerful and secure knowing you are going to be yourself and stay loyal, as I do back :D

alanb1 First time we met was in a survivor and we both know that didn't go well. After that we never spoke really, until recently in a frooks. Bloody hell I'm so happy I joined that frooks as it meant that we could speak for not only the time we were waiting for it to fill, but also during the game. You are such a great guy, genuinely don't know what I was thinking that survivor game. Absolutely amazing person, easily one of my favourite people on this website. I am so happy we are on good terms, you are a great person who is also great at all the challenges! :D

BolieverisBack You are by far someone who I have a proper strange relationship with. It's always changing, but when we get on it's great as you are an amazing guy who I love playing frooks with. You are also amazing at the new comps, and a frooks beast Hope we can continue as we are atm as you are such a great person who I do not want to be against. :D

Silver09 We didn't meet that long ago, but we literally got on straight away, and it's not been difference ever since. You are such a loyal guy, from frooks to the elimination game, I love doing any games with you as I know you will make them enjoyable. So happy I met you, and can't wait to do more games!

Pizza4256 You are great. We do a shit ton of games together. In group games, you are literally the most loyal person ever. In froos/ fastings, if we speak we both know it's good and I can already tell I'm gonna be able to go far. One of the best people on this site, so happy I met you :D

anthousai It is obvious how much we don't like each other. We used to work together, but one always voted the other out, so I guess it's inevitable. As much as I do not like you, I will give you credit as you are a seriously good frooks player. I mean, I'd by lying if I said next game I hoped we could actually work together, but y'know. Till next game.

nathanmb We haven't really spoke, except in that one casting game. You are such a nice and funny guy though and I can't wait until we can be in more games together soon, as you are great. Also don't worry about voting me out in castings, that was always gonna happen considering who I was against. Anyway, good luck in that and can't wait to see you next game :D

XxLoveWakizaxX Such an amazing person. We always play frooks together, and each one is incredible <3 Currently we are in a survivor, and our tribe like kinda need to win ahhaha. Such an entertaining person, who is also wasted most the time, who I am very happy I met. Love anything we end up in together, as you are such an icon, and one of my favourties on this site <3

Brandt69 I don't really know you, but you seem like a funny person, with good blogs. Would be great to get to know you, as I think we'd get along well and I reckon you are a highly entertaining person :)

Ethan000 Ethan, I think we've been in a game together a month or so ago, but it was on our last survivor tribe that I first spoke to you properly, and after about 5 minutes I knew we'd get along great as you're a great person. Fully deserved to win that stars you were recently in, and can't wait to keep doing games with you in future, as you are not only amazing, but also a pretty funny guy. Also, your tribe kinda needs to stop winning xD :D

Vlad21 We used to always come after each other, though we now kill games together. You are such a great frooks player, and I love all our games weo do together. I definitely prefer the ones when you're without Krista, but we still manage to work well if she's there. Such a nice guy, and love any game do together. Can't wait for some more soon :D

Minniemax Such a nice person, we've only played in a few castings but they were great! Easily has one of the best profiles on tengaged, and you are also a key beast in castings. Such an icon, and an amazing person :D

KatherinePierce We spoke the first time you played frooks and you are great! You have nevr let me down in any way, we always have full loyalty to each other and always kill frooks. You are just such an amazing person who I'm so happy I play frooks with, and you are definitely someone I'd consider a friend on tengaged <3
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Final HoH Part 1 Nov 23, 2017
Bjorn 's game :)
Plus this into multiples of 47 please!

Praise for other housemates:
15th- Kaldridge - Sorry we didn't speak, would've been great to speak to you!

14th- Dibby1010 - Voted to keep you here, such a nice person :)

13th- wwecmw - Didn't speak to you either, same as Kaldridge really.

12th- DezzLegacy - Sorry you went, same as WWE and Kaldridge though.

11th- gsatt12 - Sorry you left under my HoH just we never spoke in this game, sorry man you are a great person.

10th- dan12233445566 - Nominated you when I was HoH and evicted you here, straight up didn't talk but I know you're a good person :)

9th: Juror 1- aria_grande - Always great talking to you, congrats on making jury! A great person on this site :)

8th: Juror 2- JSBReality -  Another great person on the site, love playing your group games!

7th: Juror 3- iichaoskimmy - Great person, enjoyed seeing you in that fasting yesterday. Haven't seen you as much anymore but a great person :)

6th: Juror 4- Pizza4256 - Played tons of games with you, always love it :) Great guy!

5th: Juror 5- FelipeS - Play a lot of frookies with you, always a loyal friend :)

4th: Juror 6- BreadMaster0221 - A great friend on the site, love playing games with you. Had to evict you here because you had the best chance of winning, sorry :(

Good luck Max1130 and WannaBeeFriends

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