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4thFeb 22, 2016 by ItsAlexia
I'll post an EliOrtiz1234 quote. I'll give you a free one!

0 - [9:48:53 PM] eli ♡'s ess: i just gave someone nudes so they would plus my spam (giggle)

40 - [2/12/2016 10:27:03 PM] eli ♡'s ess: i gave up going to the movies w/ friends so i can hunger ~_~

80 - [2/14/2016 1:00:10 AM] eli ♡'s ess: OMG is hillary duff rlly running for president?

120 -   [2/7/2016 1:18:44 AM] eli ♡'s ess: ugh my dog keeps humping me but i sorta like it :x

160  [1/22/2016 5:80:10 PM] eli ♡'s ess: what can u use in place as a dildo


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[2/14/2016 1:00:10 AM] eli ♡'s ess: OMG is hillary duff rlly running for president?
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120 -   [2/7/2016 1:18:44 AM] eli ♡'s ess: ugh my dog keeps humping me but i sorta like it :x

160  [1/22/2016 5:80:10 PM] eli ♡'s ess: what can u use in place as a dildo
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obligatory thanksgiving blog        Edit Post
16thNov 22, 2018 by ItsAlexia
just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to a some of my close friends I have met through this website, coming back a month or two ago has made me reconnect with some friends whos friendships i really value <3

first of all i wanted to thank my FIRST real friends i met on this site, eliortiz1234 pureessence xoxokaci1 owlb0ned brandt69. no matter what, these 4 people have been such good friends, who no matter what i can always count on to stick up for me, and be a good friend

eli was one like my first best friends on this website, and somebody who has made this site enjoyable for me. he's gifted me so much, introduced me to everybody I know, and has been such a good friend over the past few years. if it wasn't for eli i probably wouldn't even be on this website anymore.

essence also has been there for me for me, and no matter how long goes by, we can always call each other, hop on cam, and talk and laugh about everything and talk for hours. she's always stuck up for me these past few years, and stood by me even when i've been annoying and unbearable @_@

kaci is somebody who always sticks up for me, and somebody who has been such a good friend these past few years. though she isn't very active on this website anymore, we talk/call daily and every time we do, it's a blast because we can go on and on and on for hours about anything and everything.

jess, i got extremely close to since i came back to this site. we've always been friends but recently we have gotten so close! she is such a good friend, and i love calling with her and talking about our days, and her calling me daily on her way home from work <3

brandt has been such a good friend and he isn't active at all on this website, but this is where i met him so i feel like i gotta tag him! we share the love for taylor swift and i love running to his pms when new merch items are dropped LOOOL. he is such a funny guy and i love calling with him, and he's my longest streak @_@ FOUR TWENTY FOUR STRONG!

ok now onto some new frenz x

passionfruit my boyf.... we came back to the website around the same time, and ever since then we've been so close. you are so funny and i am so thankful to have met u. can't wait to meet up and go to mcdonalds?

lexeyjane omg my girlf.... i love talking to u, we also share the love for TS ♡_♡ , i had no idea that when i randomly gifted u as a noob (ur 2nd design) that we would become this close, and now you're FAMOUS and i've introduced u to all my friends.

classicaz5 I also met stuart after I came back from the website, which I'm so thankful for :) I love playing games with you, and calls are so funny with you. we're honestly such an unexpected friendship but i love it, and i'm thankful to have met you and gotten close to you < 3

delete2544 i met thru the good ol shopping game... well kinda. we met like 5 years ago and have been friends on and off but now we're close! i love talking to u and obsessing over pixels ;) also FUCK U FOR NOT VOTING IN SURVIVOR! jk ily

maturo somebody who i've had a rough past with, but now i am lucky to call a friend of mine. no matter what has happened the past years, we have put it behind us and now we're friends which i am so thankful for. you're such a kind and generous guy, i wish the rest of the website could see that.

fetish leah u r sooo funny! we've known each other for so long and recently i've gotten so close to u which i am so thankful for <3 you always tell people how it is which i respect, and i appreciate you always helping me w shops/designs :) also FUCK U LEAH! Stay away from my man...

brittbritt CAME THRU DRIPPIN! i am so glad we met thru the SHOPPING GAME! you are such a kind and genuine girl, who i'm thankful to have met thru this website full of bad people! you are so funny on calls especially when you're drunk ;)

lastly firex ♡_♡ i'm so thankful to have met such a sweet guy from this website. even tho u suck at responding, u r so fun to talk to and i love our conversations. u r soo sweet and such a cutie and i can't wait to get to know u more, and for u to take me out for a DATE!

OTHERS I LOVE & I'M THANKFUL FOR holder goodkaren thumper91 diva1 cali_cvu13 bamold1999 serginator Monallin

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1. Welcome To New York
2. Blank Space
3. Wonderland
4. I Know Places
5. Out Of The Woods
6. New Romantics
7. Shake It Off
8. All You Had To Do Was Stay
9. Style
10. I Wish You Would
11. How You Get The Girl
12. Bad Blood
13. Wildest Dreams
14. Clean
15. You Are In Love
16. This Love

Again, I love every single track, just the lower ranked ones a bit less!
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1. End Game
2. ...Ready For It?
3. Delicate
4. Don’t Blame Me
5. I Did Something Bad.
6.This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
7. Look What You Made Me Do
8. Getaway Car
9. Dress
10. Gorgeous
11. Call It What You Want
12. King Of My Heart
13. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
14. New Years Day
15.  So It Goes...

I love every single track, just like the lower ranked ones a bit less!
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JAN 2nd 2019

EliOrtiz1234 x21
Delete2544 x20
LexeyJane x18
BrittBritt x16
Fetish x8
PassionFruit x7
#MidnightSun x7
PureEssence x7
#xoxokaci1 x6
GoodKaren x5
MrOrange890 x4
Krisstea x4
EmzThorne x4
Owlb0ned x3
ElectraViv x2
Vanili x2
ClassiCaz5 x2
#Ratchett x2
#Brandt69 x2
Holder x2
SmoothStalker12 x2
Maturo x2
DaddyDev x1
TheLightIsComing x1
Titoburitto x1
allene x1
g1ng4 x1
Admin x1
Firex x1
CoreyAnts x1
BarbraStreisand x1
#Crinshaw x1
mbarnish1 x1
oreo270 x1
#Picachu x1
#bamold1999 x1
MarieEve x1
#Cali_Cvu13 x1
#shawnpat7 x1
#peace123 x1
#countrysavage x1
#Orlando652 x1
#J2999 x1
thanks galaxies for the idea, will update as i come across people

BTW: This includes deliveries/gifts from my shops
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jan 19, 2019
TS necklace that was limited edition for her birthday
rep tour patches(2)
LWYMMD sticker set
...Ready For It black long sleeve shirt
Green Pocket Tour Tee With Snake Design
the 125$ snake hoodie that i never WEAR
Grey Rep Tour Shirt
Long sleeve Ready For It shirt
Reputation Stadium Tour Flag
1989 World Tour Shirt
1989 World Tour Phone Case
1989 World Tour Towel LOL
1989 World Tour phone case
1989 Jersey (prob my fav thing i own)
1989 World Tour Notebook
1989 Album Cover Ornaments (3)
1989 Bracelets (i have like 5, i wear 1 daily)
Reputation CD
1989 Deluxe CD
Red CD
Taylor Swift CD
Fearless CD
Speak Now CD
Speak Now Black Rubber Bracelet
Speak Now Black Leather Bracelet
Grey RED Rubber Bracelet
RED Rubber Bracelet
Red Poster
1989 Stocking
1989 Poster

things i want
rep joggers
rep tour book
rep phone case
also a litho but idk where i'd put it :(
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jan 19, 2019

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