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- Mar 7, 2018
kaylabby i dont know you very well anymore but we were friends a few years ago! you seem super sweet tho
melindamrskk same with you really, we talked a year or two ago but haven't in ages.
finklestein123 i don't know you at all but your blogs are funny!
skyler1822 i don't know you personally but you have always been very kind with the minimal interactions we've had!
leonardo2196 you are so nice and such a sweet guy! happy we've started talking again, tho we've been on and off for literally like 6 years??  & thank u for the gift <3
lazeric i don't know u but u seem like a nice guy :)
mamabel omg leah i've missed you! although we've never been close, we talked and had a streak on snapchat like a literal year ago but you disappeared :( you're such a sweet girl and i'm thankful for you sticking up for me!
eliserose we had a streak on sc a while ago and i ended it because i kinda noticed you jumped on the bandwagon of hating me just because everybody else was. regardless your a sweet girl that  has gone through a lot & dont deserve the hate you get
eliortiz1234 ELI i love u! we've been friends for a few years now and though we've had some issues, we always end up talking again and im thankful we are friends and i miss our calls =(
_Aria i don't know you personally but you seem funny on the blogs! nothing else really to say sorry :(
ak73 i don't you but all i remember was on ur other account u would always go A L I
2388 you've always been so mean to me when i don't know you at all, maybe you've matured in the 7 months i've been gone but i always give second chances so i don't have anything against you anymore
coreyants  ur a nice guy and usually a good ally in skype games(from what I remember)
goodkaren karen you're so nice and helpful! thanks for the math help LOL <3
iybf i think you've been not very kind to me in the past but everything is behind me!
Born2pizza i don't know you sorry :(
kayleighwinz i haven't talked to you in forever, but you are funny and you haven't been rlly nice to me because " i matured and im boring now"
maxi1234 we haven't talked in a long time but you have always been nice to me :)
malachite05 i dont know you but you seem nice! r u straight btw?
sexgoddx you are so pretty & i admire you a lot! i don't know you personally but you seem funny & nice
thumper91 lauren i miss u! we talked a while ago but you've always been sooo nice to me when others haven't, hope you're doing well
katherinepierce we haven't talked in a long time but you randomly started being mean to me just bc everybody else was
mickiejames22 idk you sorry!
thirteen your a sweet guy & have always been nice to me
notafraid i don't know you really but you seem like a nice girl!
Xoamanda idk you sorry :(
koolcoop COOPZ ur so sweet and you've always been nice to me, miss u <3
mathboy9 miss u too! ur a nice guy and we have a lot in common <3
dj2722 i don't know you but you seem nice!
brandt69 omg since i left you and i have def been closer w u than anybody else. you are such a good friend and i miss calling and online shopping with you! we have a lot in common & i love u and mimi
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since i am back Mar 6, 2018
(for now) if anybody wants to talk or be friends, i am open :))
i hold no grudges & everbody is unfiltered
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on call with Aug 14, 2017
brandt69 ♡_♡
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- Jun 22, 2017
just logging in after 34 days and i came across a new wig BARGAIN! loggin out lookin fly , thx haliford & bbtdfanatic77

also logged in to change my blogs / profile & friends list (if i removed u dont be offended lol )

i  also removed all of my 400 contacts on skype besides like 6 ( xoxokaci1 _ashley _tanner pureessence xamberx jdog )

it's summer now and i have 2 jobs and i need to focus on my real life and school next year, and i'm currently taking summer courses to be ahead next year so i've been extremely busy!!  and also tengaged is very boring for me now and the people on it are immature and i'm done with this website lol

i ain't gonna tag all my friends because thats a lil tacky but if ur reading this and wanna keep in contact me i'm sure you'll have my snapchat or my number!!!
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- May 14, 2017
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- Apr 27, 2017
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