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- Jun 8, 2019
i love you all so much & i am grateful for you & our friendship. whether it's been 7 years, or 8 months, you all mean so much to me and I LOVE U

bluebabyg thanks for being there for me for the past 7 years. i love u so much more than u could ever know. we have been through soooo much and u help me thru my hardest times in life and i am so thankful for u, we have shared so many memories and done so much together, i cant wait to make more mems w u<3

lexeyjane my #1 friend, my loyal sweet. we r rlly r the same exact person. being on calls with u is so fun because we get along so well and we can laugh at anything for HOURS. u stick up for me when i get undeserved hate on here and i am thankful u stick with me, even tho u get hate for being friends w me. I LOVE u forever and u will always be my tia to my tamera. we rlly thick in the thigh thick in the waist.

brandt69 u don't use this website anymore but i must include. we are also so similar and we r TWINS. we have the same sense of humor & we share the love for tay. you are always there to help me if i am going thru something irl, or boy problems. i can always count on you to make me laugh & we both will be there for eachother FOREVER!

eliortiz1234 one of my longest lasting friendships on this website. we have been thru a lot, a lot of friends on here have come and gone but luckily you have stuck around. you're sooo funny and im glad we are still friends. you're super loyal to me & i am glad to call u a friend for all these years

pureessence sweetie. you are soo kind and i know i can come to u and get honest opinions and not be judged. we can go weeks without calling and then call one day and act like nothing happened. you are very funny and you have always stuck up for me against the tengaged verms!

#owlb0ned u r gone but never forgotten. i miss calling w u and playing blox and u calling me on ur way home from work every day. ur such a funny girl and it sucks ur banned for a sucky reason, but we still snap and text #THREEAMIGOS. i hope ur new life is workin out for u and i miss u

xoxokaci1 inactive ass shit kaci. i miss u so much and u have basically seen my grow into the little 18 year old i am now. from baby ass 15 year old me until now! i miss calling w u and talking often. we rlly dont talk as much unfort, but i still think of u as a best friend! u have always been super loyal and stuck around while other have left. love u my fav marina stan xoxo

Leonardo2196 ry guy in the are sooo loyal to me and we have known eachother since we have been BABIES!!! you're so sweet and i love talkin to u. its crazy that we rlly have known eachother for 7 years. u always r there for me and i rlly appreciate that!! its always so fun playing games with u and calling. one of these days we will meet and hang out :~)

tagging other friends i love u all too x
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- Jun 1, 2019
After competing in the shopping game, I have chosen to end my streak at 18 weeks. Note that this is a CHOICE. I am able to post for 800 T$ and buy myself out, but I think I had a very good run and all good things have to come to an end, and I have tons of T$ to return to the game in the future, when moderation is present.

I have sold nearly 600 designs. I have earned nearly 20,000 T$. My shop opened on January 25th 2019 and has made it 18 WEEKS moving on. There has been 190,000 T$ spent on my shop, and I have been in the game for over 3 months.

Having a shop was definitely a very fun experience, and I am glad I tried it out, and was as successful as I was. I proved a lot of people wrong and I got so many gifts for my friends and I. Lately it has been stressful, as I have been so busy IRL and not really having a lot of time to be on my laptop to upload designs.

I would like to thank the following people for purchasing design(s) at very high prices, which helped me move on during very hard weeks: Delete2544 Maturo Blitszims BrittBritt & Squigs sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.

Anybody who made deals with me during hard weeks: #Delete2544 Analiese
lexeyjane BBMeganNicole rulz tommyboy614 SaskiaRae G1ng4  ColinDress96
sam_hamwich Etienne sorry if there is any more but I can't think of any currently.

Anybody who helped me design or allowed me to use exclusive designs for my shop: #Delete2544 SeongWoo Moxii iScotty Brandt69 PureEssence #M_Davis1998

And any fellow shop-owners who competed with me, it was fun. #iScotty Chic #Maturo Gagaluv Krisstea M_Davis1998 Ashleybabyx3 LittleMix Eilish

Wonderland is retired now, I will return to the game one day. Thanks for all the support and making me rich, I hope the public enjoyed the sales this week!

January 25th 2019 - May 31st 2019
Points: 194 19 comments
- Apr 1, 2019
Points: 202 43 comments
- Mar 26, 2019
Greetings Tengaged! I know these nominate blogs can be boring to read so I'm going to bring up what is most important.

Sadly, I have been nominated for 12th place in stars. I have been caught for trying to make a huge move, which NOBODY wanted to do, which resulted in me being nominated with BrendaMeeks. I am a huge underdog, and unfortunately due to me not being the most liked on Tengaged, everybody is doubting me to survive this poll. We need to PROVE THEM WRONG.

If you all save me, I promise to do the best I can to flip this game, and get the racist bully, Kelly0412 out of the game.
Kelly jokingly said he killed my good friend lexeyjane's mother.
If you go to page #2 of this game, you will see Kelly being homophobic & racist.

Lastly, Kelly is a huge bully inside of the stars house. He has accused fellow player jhelsdon2478 of being a pedophile just because he is a teacher. Additionally, Kelly has bullied former housemate CalebDaBoss on his appearance, speech, and disabilities.
I do not think this is the type of person you want to be supporting in stars.

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- Jan 3, 2019
Points: 38 15 comments
- Dec 3, 2018
ANOTHER closing shop blog! I had a fun time competing the week before this & moving on, eventually I get bored/tired of competing so I have to drop LOL.

Thanks to everybody who supported me, and who helped me gift!!

Also hopes my friends enjoy their designs :)
@ mostly everybody above LOL

also here are some people who bought from me which i appreciate!!
allene thumper91 bandnerd ratchett

also thanks to holder and bengalboy for accidentally gifting britt/fetish the 370 t$ design thinking it was the 50 t$ design @_@ owe u both
Points: 48 9 comments