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What are fun ROBLOX gamesvote Oct 19, 2021
To play alone?
That isn't any of the ones that everybody plans (BB/Surv/Squid Games/Obby
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Red (Taylor’s Version) vote Oct 18, 2021
What song(s) are you most excited for?

I’m excited for All Too Well (10 Minute Version) of course, Run (ft. Ed Sheeran) because they always make amazing songs together, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
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imageRecently I got to meet one of my fav artists, who I have listened to & looked up to for a while! Charli was very sweet, I gave her my XCX bracelet I’ve had for years (I thought it would be cute to pass it onto the artist herself, IDK). I got to tell her how much I loved her & I talked to her about my favorite song by her. Addison was also very sweet, I told her to release I Got It Bad.

Truly a moment I will remember forever! Also, the first time my face has been posted in years.. I was a bit nervous posting so please be nice 😅

tagging people who may be interested / that like charli (aka give me a top blog please)

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Please Sep 4, 2021
do something about this. Give me Sky Level back I didn’t mean to do this randomize cheapcheep brandonpinzu koolness234

Why did this only take one click? I AM SO UPSET IT IS A HORRIBLE COLOR…. You should need to confirm that you wanna buy just like everything else you purchase on this website please

A confirmation page/button needs to get added when you purchase a color level, just like there is one when you buy something in shops, bid on an item, etc.
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It's really disturbing Sep 3, 2021
to hear that when I was offline for a few months, people were sending photos of me in a discord chat to be made into... stickers for the chat?

Not to mention I was a minor in the photos. Very disturbing, but a little flattering to hear I was being talked about, despite being offline for a while lmao!
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