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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stJul 18, 2020 by Irelia


essence v jenzie 2k16 matches this story
Sent by Brayden_,Jul 18, 2020
Sent by zakisaboss,Jul 18, 2020
Not @ was LMAOOOOO
Sent by Irelia,Jul 18, 2020
I mean, again, I've stated I've done alot of bad things on this site. This blog, and moreso the top blog you had implied that I am still at this very moment preying on minors on this site. Which is not the case. So yes. 'Was' it's an important distinction.
Sent by zakisaboss,Jul 18, 2020
Sent by Harry1210,Jul 18, 2020
brayden_ for me this was 2013-4, maybe even a little into 2015
So strange and sad that she’d spend her twenties harassing teenage girls online. If she wasn’t so vile I’d pity her :(
Sent by Irelia,Jul 18, 2020
so glad this came to light I yelled at her in a racist kelly numbers game being like you've dated a pedo (DJ numbers) and like where was the condemnation? no where to be found and she acted like a cunt about it.
Sent by HighNoon,Jul 18, 2020
was ur top blog deleted? wtf
Sent by PureEssence,Jul 18, 2020
don't let that wretched bigoted skank make you feel like you're wrong, that blog was beautifully written and i'm livid it was taken down
Sent by mahogany,Jul 18, 2020
highnoon yikes! I wish I could say I’m surprised but unfortunately not. Scary how blogs are being deleted about it too
pureessence it was indeed I’m a little bit fuming LOL
Sent by Irelia,Jul 18, 2020
mahogany ngl I did actually start to feel guilty but why? Why should I feel guilty I’ve done nothing wrong? LOL
I’m quite sad it’s been deleted and I truly wish I kept a copy, because everyone’s said I worded it well and I thought so too. I tried to stay articulate and not overly insulting, sticking to facts. I really didn’t expect it to be deleted, but I’m still glad it reached a fairly big audience!
Sent by Irelia,Jul 18, 2020
he mightve stopped preying on "minors" but he engaged in some predatory actions just a few months ago so its not like hes not still a fucking creep
Sent by Slice,Jul 18, 2020
slice No defense of that at all either. All I can do is not engage in those types of behaviors anymore. I have grown and entered therapy since and have every intention of never engaging in that type of behavior again, largely in part because of conversations I had with the person you're referencing.

No reason to believe or forgive me based on my past track record but I have apologized and all I can do at this point is be better and take actions in my personal life as a form of repentance.
Sent by zakisaboss,Jul 18, 2020
mahogany irelia has anyone tried waybackmachine or just a cashe of her blogs when it was up?
Sent by ShayyBayy,Jul 19, 2020

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