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10 DAY REMINDER Sep 19, 2018
(technically 11 but hey ho)
to submit your 2018 collage pics to me !!! deadline is 30.09.2018
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Aug 27, 2018
and i will say which Pokemon you are <3
(and don't bother commenting if you're not plussing, punks)

#willie_ you are UMBREON, dark, graceful and beautiful. (also one of my personal faves just like u hehe :P)
#calebdaboss - you are SNORLAX, big boi with a big personality
#tofutime - you are NINETAILS, elegant, posh and poised but also have a heart of fire
#bengalboy - you are MACHAMP, the third and final evolution of machop, strong in both physique and will
#anthousai - you are ZAPDOS. with a nose to rival his beak
and an electric personality to match
#baza76 - you are DITTO, as your only trait is copying everything i do or say. thank u for being loyal. (joke but you're still a ditto, they are arguably one of the strongest pokemon as they are able to adapt to any situation)
#brayden_ - you are BROCK (not a pokemon ik but who cares it's APT) because you are in love with every girl you meet
#totaldramalover1234  - you are CHANSEY, sweet, friendly and kind
#classicaz5 - you are PIKACHU, loyal to a fault and sparky
yoshicoolman - you are EEVEE, still small, cute and young with the potential to grow up to be anything
padfoot - you are POOCHYENA, fitting in with the dog theme of your username, as well as being relentless in its pursuits
blitszims - you are BLITZLE because ... duh. also very much a social, pack animal
knowyourself - idk you so i can't really comment but i'm going to give you MOLTRES due to your avi so congrats !
@cyclone - same as above, but you have a lot of songs on your profile so i can assume you are musically inclined... therefore you are the singing pokemon, JIGGLYPUFF
allieboballie - you are HORSEA, cute, bubbly and the centre of attention
violets - i was going to give you Beedrill because of WB and ur annoying but... i will be nice and say you are VIVILLON, a colourful and cute butterfly who flies high <3
haliford - you are ROTOM, your love for reality television would see you transforming into one!
hints you are GROWLITHE. you have a fiery demeanour with a fiery temper and stubborn personality to match. however you are also fiercely loyal to your friends and can always be depended on. this can sometimes be interpreted as intimidating and pack mentality, just like growlithes who stick with their core group, but that is just because the friendship is so good, and underneath it all is a heart of gold x
allison - you are PERSIAN, sophisticated but not at all afraid to get the claws out when necessary
gigi10 - you are GLOOM because you are a miserable cunt (JOKE YOU ARE DELIBIRD THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING LOVE U)
amnesia_ - you are SLOWPOKE, as he frequently suffers with amnesia
trust - you are MILOTIC, pretty, elegant and clever
pureessence - you are COSPLAY PIKACHU, cute and fashionable
koolness234 - you are JINX, a sassy diva
gothiczebra - you are ZEBSTRIKA, a literal gothic zebra lmao (sorry idr know you to comment properly :()
maxi1234 - you are SYLVEON, a pale beautiful fairy type
jdog - you are HOUNDOOM, a fiery hell dog
novamax243 - you are DEOXYS, the mysterious space pokemon
bigbrothersupertome - you are CHANCEY, the healing pokemon
donaam - you are GIRATINA, legendary and certainly no angel
jflora18 - you are SUNFLORA (duh), sunny and bright
duncansurferboy - you are GARDEVOIR, elegant and beautiful
icarus_mark - you are SNIVY, bc u are snooty lmao
joelw55 - you are SPINDA, a bit clueless and ditzy at times but also strong and fun <3

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Aug 25, 2018
[2018-08-25, 2:26:20 PM] A L I: does ur old laptop hve a 16gb ram?
[2018-08-25, 2:26:24 PM] violets: dunno its blue

disclaimer: i did not see fighterman blog this already :@@@
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does anyone know Aug 22, 2018
how much XP adds to your score in hunger???
like is it a fixed amount, like 1 xp = +1 point
or a percentage like 1 xp = +1%
pls can someone illuminate this for me
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PSA: TENGAGED COLLAGE 2018 Aug 14, 2018
I WILL be making it this year as there has been enough interest. I have received 2 pics already :o
To send me your picture you can either;
- Mail me on here with a link
- Skype me with a link / picture (my username is princessniglet)

I'll be blogging this once or twice a week until the deadline, which will be at the end of next month (I think a month and a half is ample time to send one in)
Thanks to everyone who showed interest either in my blog or messages :)

(This is obviously open to everyone, regardless of any bad blood / history / arguments we may have had or still have. I want to make the collage because it's a tradition I enjoy, so everyone is welcome, think of it as sending to that, rather than me I guess lmao.)
Thank you x

EDIT: Would prefer actual pen / paper signs as it is a bit more legit but you do you x
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Aug 13, 2018
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