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big rel's rite old laffs

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Feb 4, 2018
and I will search for your name in Neg Finn 9.2 (members: me, #hints, #violets, #alireza1373, #admir, #fighterman, #allieboballie, #baza76, #oliviaxoxo, #smoothstalker12, #bengalboy, #jadennator1, #jdog, #gigi10, #smuguy2012, #tofutime, #gardenia, #trust, #icebeast, #mikec51) and tell you if you have ever been mentioned, and if so, what was said :)
(but not who said it hehe x)

#bengalboy; you're an idiot

eliserose; 'eliserose annoying as hell'
'eliserose a dumb bitch' - 22nd January 2018

halloween; 'Halloween has sponsored Casillas with arrows' - 19th January 2018
'not all slyterins are bad?
have fun in a house with roshy and Halloween tho' - 10th January 2018

levonini; 'I dont like tito and levonini' -3rd January 2018

seaking;  no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe

maturo; 'I think maturo paid him to gift people but I’m pretty sure it was notnickys T' - 4th January 2018
'No like I was young and he bullied me so I said I was gonna kill myself and logged off for a few days and people thought I died
Like old school maturo basically' - 8th January 2018
[18/01/2018 02:16:59] PERSON 1: what is asperger
[18/01/2018 02:17:09] PERSON 2: its a form of autism
[18/01/2018 02:17:18] PERSON 3: when they're smart but socially not all there
[18/01/2018 02:17:29] PERSON 3: like mathboy, maturo, wwemrpeeps etc
[18/01/2018 02:17:39] PERSON 2: does maturo have it?
[18/01/2018 02:17:54] PERSON 3: yea he went to a special school

stary; no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe

#oliviaxoxo; you're an idiot

paul028; only Paul related text is about Logan and Jake LMAO

goodkaren; no logs! which is good i think because some of the things that have been said about others are not very friendly hehe

calebdaboss; '[23:07:26] PERSON 1: Omg
Feb 4, 2018 by NikoTime
7 votes, -61 points
Why don’t you so you can be with your parents
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Feb 4, 2018
[23:07:36] PERSON 2: LMFAO OH MY GOD
[23:07:45] PERSON 3: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO' - February 4th 2018
Id be scared of caleb
He’d squash me' - 3 January 2018
'story time
Aug 27, 2017 by CalebDaBoss
i could be a daddy the oldest a child of mine could be is 6 considering when i hit puberty and i almost had a kid once but there was a miscarriage :( so i hope i can successfully have a child some day
Points: 7, Earned: 0.5 T$

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sure ya did sport ruffles your hair
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2017
bengalboy it's true
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 27, 2017
calebdaboss of course it is buddy tickles your chin
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 27, 2017
bengalboy it is true i almost had a daughter
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 27, 2017
you are 12 years old thats physically impossible
Sent by BrainJak,Aug 27, 2017'  (only time you're mentioned brainjak)

#violets - you'd need your own fucking blog for the amount of stupidity you've been called out for

katarinaducouteau - 'i remember the time when steel wrote a huge rage blog about LABrittanyFierce2 being a man
and I'm like 'we all knew that y r u so upset did u have a crush on him'
same with maturo and lb being furious katarinaducouteau was a catfish' - 19th December 2017
Points: 142 44 comments
Feb 3, 2018
that someone in this current stars is hailed as an absolute hero of tengaged, when they are truly the opposite... they put on this public persona and everyone seems to buy it, thinking they are super kind and friendly lol...
everyone knows the cool gals love a good laugh and can sometimes take it too far with the jokes, but this person took it too far EVERY single time. lol... we used to sit there in shock reading some of the things he said.

JoelW55 you have no confidence though lol? You're own father told you he wished you were dead because you were gay and your parents practically are ashamed of you. You cried about this and your own 'friends' took the piss out of this and mocked you but sure I guess that's confidence babe
Sent by Cornelia,Oct 16, 2016

Also hints I decided to celebrate my Stars win with a coathanger! You remember hun your nephew you wanted to kick dead inside your brothers slag girlfriend?
Sent by Cornelia, Oct 16, 2016
(ben's brother's girlfriend experienced a miscarriage just days before)

and sending nudes / trying to solicit nudes off of an underage boy...
it's just not right.

nice strategy, putting stars off for weeks and weeks until you could befriend Bryce Keesh and get in on the multi action LOL. Sad!
Points: 0 5 comments
Jan 25, 2018
[18/01/2018 15:28:38] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: Thank goodness
[18/01/2018 15:28:49] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: She is a dumbass snowflake and is the one spilling everything to the other chat
[18/01/2018 15:28:55] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: Fucking stupid raunchy ass Becky
[18/01/2018 15:29:09] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: I hope she break her ankle
[18/01/2018 15:29:12] Elise: Other chat ??? LOL
[18/01/2018 15:29:15] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: Stupid slut
[18/01/2018 15:29:19] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: Yes the one Dru made
[18/01/2018 15:29:23] Dav_o_79, Her Majesty: With all of the racists in it

Even sadder when the claims are untrue. Sad! Sad! Sad!
Points: 675 20 comments
Jan 9, 2018
Points: 602 25 comments
Dec 25, 2017
It's 4:40 am in the UK, I went to take a nap because I had a pounding headache and ended up sleeping for 10 hours rofl. SO ANYWAY, NOW I'M AWAKE.

Over 2 years since I first joined stars, haunted by the memory of losing out to scooby0000 for 6th I finally plucked up the courage to join again. AND BOY, AM I GLAD I DID :)
I'm not going to talk about gameplay, because the game is over and tbh, does anyone really give a shit if you're not even in it???
This is a thank you blog, pure and simple, from the bottom of my heart.
A lot of people didn't think I would take this seriously (*cough* maturo *cough*) and tbh I don't blame them. I don't take this website very seriously, or join many games.
However, and I recognise how lame it sounds, I did put in a lot of effort this game and I'm so pleased it paid off.
People complaining about the result doesn't really make sense to me... and the end of the day, Stars is a popularity contest. The public vote is a massive factor in winning the game, just like BB UK in which it's based off of. It's like entering a competition with only 50% of your project completed, and being surprised that you didn't win.

Changing your Stars Speech before the game ended to 'At least I know I played a better game than irelia' shows what a bitter little man you are lionsden121 and I'm thrilled to not have to deal with comments about my gender every half hour. I hope you go on to never win Stars <3

In the end I'd summarise it with this:
TheEclipse you didn't play a better game than irelia if she played the winning game :)

Again, thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. I'm thrilled to take Bengalboy 's spot in the HOF. It wouldn't have been very fitting to be anyone else!
I don't want to list a lot of friends in case I forget anyone but very special thanks to dru, justme, hints, violets, joelw55, amandabynes felipes, _finesse, bigmamat hisoka and frontierpsychiatrist (took him a while to get into the spirit, but once he was there, he was all out)

(sidenote: I listed everyone who had voted for me thus far in a thank you message before I went to sleep - thank you to those who voted afterwards!!!
Koolness (I think x)
Marcus <3

Funnehliner jess slayed this game so hard that if she was a gay guy and ugly i'd still let her fuck me
Points: 203 22 comments
Dec 23, 2017
Points: 10 6 comments