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Hunger Games<3

Sep 19, 2009 by Indispensable
The movie is comming soon,
Like in a year or so!
Cant wait<3


OMG SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS READ THE HUNGER GAMES<<333  Did you love catching fire???  I was not expecting the ending
Sent by Kaffreya,Sep 19, 2009
I havent read catching fire.
Im starting to read hunger games today.
Ill finish soon dont worry! <3
Sent by Indispensable,Sep 19, 2009
Then i'll read catching fire ;D<3
Sent by Indispensable,Sep 19, 2009
They are both great books.  Can't wait for the movie!  I picture Kristen Stewart as Katniss xD
Sent by Kaffreya,Sep 19, 2009
Oh lord, I think they would cast her.
For me I would like katniss to be some undiscovered actress who no one has really heared of before.
Sent by Indispensable,Sep 19, 2009
Most likely, but everytime I read I picture Kristen Stewart.  Alright, shoot me a message when you finish the book, tell me what you though :D
Sent by Kaffreya,Sep 19, 2009
Okay, I will.
Sent by Indispensable,Sep 19, 2009

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