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ur allowed to go on dates with more than one person right

May 29, 2017 by Imthtawesom
im supposed 2 see 3 different guys this week thats like allowed right??? are they going to think im a monster if they find out help


Nah you're good. A lot of people go on multiple dates at a time
Sent by Mexus,May 29, 2017
Its okay :) As long as you arent in a relationship. Dating and being in a relationship are entirely different things
Sent by Roxas546,May 30, 2017
ur fine u can see 10 or so
Sent by RasCity,May 30, 2017
what roxas said
Sent by bambinoswag,May 30, 2017
you weren't supposed to tell people about our date Imthtawesom
Sent by Monomial,May 31, 2017

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