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honestly im getting so tired of this

18thJan 12, 2015 by Imthtawesom
sometimes you people say things and maybe you think its a joke, but when you constantly say the same mean things about someone and belittle them and make them feel like shit you can really fuck up someones life. im getting so sick of everyone saying so much shit to me when im just trying to be a nice fun person to be around. honestly sometimes i feel like people arent joking and really hate me and maybe i would better off not being on tengaged? or maybe in a ditch somewhere or in the middle of the ocean. thats how you feel make me feel and honestly if you think its funny to make someone feel this way then you are the truly disgusting person.


Sent by LittleBrother123,Jan 12, 2015
i plussed, always here for you just text me whenever
Sent by DiamondsArentForever,Jan 12, 2015
treat others the way you want to be treated
that's all i have to say.
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Jan 12, 2015
Practice what u preach
Sent by LittleBrother123,Jan 12, 2015
How about you press the little "X" in the corner of your monitor.
Sent by Eternal_Knight,Jan 12, 2015
what little x...
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jan 12, 2015
if it is a negative experience id advise leaving for your own health
Sent by wileycoyote,Jan 12, 2015
The "close" button. -_-
Sent by Eternal_Knight,Jan 12, 2015
i'm sorry for my "ikr" i don't even know you I'm sure you're amazing < 3
Sent by woodrowwrust,Jan 12, 2015
Sent by Arcaninemaster,Jan 12, 2015

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