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8thMar 30, 2013 by Imthtawesom
I've done it :) Pulled off what was seemingly impossible and ensured myself finals in this game.
Since I'm going to be posting a long blog, I'll sum briefly why you should vote me to win :)

*~* You can vote here: *~*

- Counter within the first 5 minutes of the game
- Counter the MOST of all of the finalists, and nommed the LEAST
- Managed to keep myself off the block even though I was a 'popularity threat', 'gameplay threat' & it was easy to get me out
- Was in an obvious pair with Donaam and we were never nominated together
- If #Stary was nominated once and evicted, I had no shot at finals... It's was no secret and it's no coincidence she went unommed ;)
- Managed to stay safe even with YOU (the public) interfering with the game, telling people they would be stupid not to nominate me/Stary etc.

*~*Now for the tl;dr part:

When the game first started off, I instantly thought I was fucked. In fact several times I had considered giving up because I really had no hopes at winning. After 5 minutes on day one, #Donaam and I were counters. I'm never really good at the beginning of stars because there's so many votes to control, however I tried my best to prevent going up. Some people even told me straight up "I'm nominating you" even though I think we could've worked well together (#Jacco & #Litecitrus) When it came down to day change, we somehow pulled off a split.

After being nominated for 17th I wanted to redeem myself in terms of my own gameplay. So I tried talking in people to nominating the premade (#Halloween, #Mattmon3365, #Bamold1999, and #Fredcrugar) although people were more threatened by #Kimmal8 and #Jm101 so they went up instead.

Tired of being in minority, I decided to go after the people at the bottom of the alliance, seeing as how no one would nominate the top of it. I made the set of #Jacco & #Litecitrus which was really the turning point for me. It was important that I get them nominated because #Stary and #Donaam were counters this day.

After #Litecitrus & #Jacco were nominated, the opposing alliance kinda broke. There were already cracks and as soon as they went up, it basically broke. This gave me the opportunity to take control of votes and make a majority! This majority got through the nominations for a few more rounds.

Then I heard there was a plan to flavourize me, take out all of the popularity threats and then evict stary so I automatically get 4th. Don't get me wrong this was a genius idea, hence why I was in trouble. I convinced everyone it would be in their best interests not to make a flavour, because the core alliance at the time would probably use me to take them out. Since this was rumoured to be #Bradyman7's marvellous idea, I had to make sure he went up next against his partner in crime :-)

Now after this, everyone was pissed off at me, and despite how much I tried talking people into nominating in a way that would benefit 'us' (aka me) but at the best I could talk them into a split (which was me vs. #Sweet_Susan) so I lost control for a few rounds. Around this time I was busy irl as well with school and I volunteered to tour parents around for 4 hours ;_; so I wasn't home a lot to persuade people.

Basically after donaam/kimmal got nominated, I knew I NEEDED a game plan if I wanted to make finals. My idea was that, if I could get Lite/Sparky to flip and nominate mattmon & bradyman since they had a 'final 2', that then they would be so pissed off during their nomination that they would nom Lite/Sparky the next round, which would keep us safe till the last day change when #QueenStary got unbanned for the second time.

The reason I renommed people and kept Sparky unommed was basically because I thought if he was unommed until the end, basically everyone would have to nominate him, and therefore Stary and I wouldn't be nominated together. Obviously that worked ;)

There is a lot that I'm leaving out, a lot of the finer details that ensured that I made it here, however I can't possibly write everything I've done in stars. If there's anything you want to ask, feel free to mail me ^_^ I doubt many people are going to read this entire blog anyway :P

I apologize to all of the people I've lied to this game :( I don't join stars to make enemies but I always try my hardest to win. This is my second finals in a row and I hope to finally get my first win =] Thanks to everyone who supports me and believes I should win, I hope I can for not only myself, but for you ^_^

Best of luck LiteCitrus & Kimmal8 :)


Sent by Williamsito_,Mar 30, 2013
Good speech.
Sent by Sparky9171,Mar 30, 2013
We werent a premade...i had no idea bamold and fred were joining.....WTF ;_;
Sent by mattmon3365,Mar 30, 2013
Sent by amills5,Mar 30, 2013
I have plussed this, and you're welcome ^_^
Sent by Vans,Mar 30, 2013
We werent a premade...i had no idea bamold and fred were joining.....WTF ;_;
Sent by MintCokeify,Mar 30, 2013
You definitely should win imo
Sent by Foxox,Mar 30, 2013
+12 goodluck :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Mar 30, 2013
ples wen
Sent by Dzenan00,Mar 30, 2013
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Mar 30, 2013
=] Good luck bud!
Sent by EEstrada17,Mar 30, 2013
Sent by SSHG,Mar 30, 2013
read all
Sent by Katia929,Mar 30, 2013
Shoulda flavored you and had you get algo 4th tbh
Sent by Razorclaw13,Mar 31, 2013
Sent by MTman,Mar 31, 2013

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