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☆☆ STARS 209 FINALS ☆☆

7thNov 17, 2012 by Imthtawesom
imageThis is why you should VOTE ME TO WIN!
Here's my nominations as well:

Coming into this game, I was considered a popularity threat. Knowing people in here from my previous stars made it easy to be added to a chat however. My strategy going in the game was to make friends with people on both sides, and befriend someone in the middle that I could vote with or split with in some cases to make the bet possible benefit to me. Obviously, my strategy worked, seeing as how I was only nominated for 12th and went unominted again until 4th.

Most of the nominations were emotion-driven, sides were mad at each other, and me and Chlltownofcourse avoided the heat. Obviously keeping friends from stars after the game is over is important to me, but at the end of the day it IS just a game. So I want to take this time to apologize to Kentuckyy, Bellajennaxo, Chlltownofcourse (be though you were going up regardless of my vote) and especially Taylorstlouis for nominating them. I love you all, and the others in the cast as well however I did what I had to do so that I could be sitting here on the final day.

Now, my friendships weren't just random. I knew I had to stick with more popular people like Taylor and Adam because eventually we were going to be paired up together. I made a f2 deal with someone who was intelligent, yet I knew if I was nominated against him I had a better shot to beat him then my other close allies in the cast. This is why I told Cory everything. Nothing against him, he's an amazing gameplayer and DOES deserve this finals as well. I also made friends with Zack who was in my last stars, because I know that if he finds out you betray him, he does everything in his power to make sure you're nominated. Although I love him even if we nominated each other a lot< 3

Now here I am, in the FINALS of stars 209, with a previous winner and someone who isn't exactly the most popular person on tengaged. If you want to see my nomination sets, please click the link at the top, if you've decided that I'm worthy of your vote please click the link below! < 3 I have worked my ass off this game, and I think I do deserve to win. :)

That being said, good luck Morkmindy and Kentuckyy :*


gl :3
Sent by MORKMINDY,Nov 17, 2012
Good luck, bro. Saved you!
Sent by AlexRyder,Nov 17, 2012
Gl < 3
Sent by Markb101,Nov 17, 2012
good luck Isiah.
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Nov 17, 2012
i saved u
Sent by nikaiman89,Nov 17, 2012
ily < 3
Sent by Inkread,Nov 17, 2012
good luck buddd
Sent by SeaKing,Nov 17, 2012
Sent by dmann,Nov 17, 2012
Gl bub < 3
Sent by TheMB305,Nov 17, 2012
Gl! Imthtawks :P
Sent by capguy1,Nov 17, 2012
GL :*
Sent by Idgaf,Nov 17, 2012
Sent by connorthomson,Nov 17, 2012
Sent by Aristotle,Nov 17, 2012
good luck < 3
Sent by NotAfraid,Nov 17, 2012
Good Luck
Sent by NoGoodNamesLeft,Nov 17, 2012
Sent by awesome2210,Nov 17, 2012
Sent by MrMinaj,Nov 17, 2012
dumb sign
Sent by Milkisgood,Nov 18, 2012

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