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how likely are you to get in a class

Nov 9, 2018 by Iceyblue52
with like 100 people or 200ish people that you're waitlisted on
i'm in 2nd and 3rd position for two classes
is it likely i get in ???
edit: i'll definitely talk to the professors but i'm also wondering how likely it is that people will drop from a class that size lol


Well you can talk to the professor and they might let you in, especially if you're that high on the waitlist
Sent by ILoveLarry,Nov 9, 2018
ilovelarry how much authority do they have over that? and when would be a good time to talk to them?
Sent by Iceyblue52,Nov 9, 2018
Iceyblue52 I think it depends! At my school professors can choose to let in extra students over the stated limit, but that's probably not true everywhere or for all classes. As for when, I've had friends sit in on classes they couldn't get into and then when the class is over they go talk to the professor directly. But it's probably also a good idea to email them before the class starts? lol hope this helps!!
Sent by ILoveLarry,Nov 9, 2018
It’s like solely up to the professor.

If there is a max of say, 70, there likely is enough room to have up to 75/80 (depending on school size and whatnot).

The school listed max is almost always truly under the actual max
Sent by GrrrImABear,Nov 9, 2018
ilovelarry thank you!! i'll keep it in mind
and yea my timing question was more just general, like my enrollment was today but classes start like late january/first week of feb so wasn't sure if there was *good* time to talk to them sdkjsd
Sent by Iceyblue52,Nov 9, 2018
grrrimabear oh thank you!!
Sent by Iceyblue52,Nov 9, 2018
Iceyblue52 yeah you could always ask in advance but it's probably fine to wait too! :) plus you might get in off the wait list before then anyway
Sent by ILoveLarry,Nov 9, 2018
ilovelarry yeah i'm like 2nd or 3rd down the line and i'm wondering what the likelihood is that i get in based on enough people dropping from classes of those sizes
Sent by Iceyblue52,Nov 9, 2018

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