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WHY were the girls so sexualized

May 7, 2018 by Iceyblue52
in the Halloween 2007 remake like wtf dskjsdjk
laurie makes sex jokes/moaning jokes constantly,
annie humps/moans w laurie in front actual 8 year olds
and legit both Lynda and Annie were attacked naked/topless


Their deaths were EXTREMELY VIOLENT compared to the men as well.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,May 7, 2018
wannabeefriends part of me is like "yay the girls get more screentime!" but in both remake movies, i don't get why the women's deaths were SO brutal ?? the nurse one in halloween 2 makes me really uncomfortable especially
Sent by Iceyblue52,May 7, 2018
It’s a horror movie lol... women always get the most screentime
Sent by Hannah_Parks,May 7, 2018
horror movies rely on sexualizing women for more views.
Sent by KrisStory,May 7, 2018
hannah_parks i meant that in the context of their death scenes/attack scenes versus the guys ones. i know girls always get more screentime typically sdjkds

krisstory YEAH i kinda know thats the reason why but it's still like… *why* was this necessary
Sent by Iceyblue52,May 7, 2018
It sells. As horrible as it is.
Sent by Yoshitomi,May 7, 2018

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