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  1. how did carly rose sonenclar lose
  2. how likely are you to get in a class
  3. was biodork a moderator
  4. halloween was so so good!
  5. the spy who dumped me
  6. yall better save FIREFLYS in stars
  7. the only good thing that came from this site
  8. pet peeve:
  9. @ anyone who takes the train
  10. ofelia is giving me major multi vibes
  11. WHY were the girls so sexualized
  12. im so annoyed sdkdsjjksd
  13. No title
  14. i can't believe roblox music vids are a thing
  15. olivia ended that red bearded meninist
  16. looking for a date? meet john xo
  17. omg CBB had strong ratings in its premiere
  18. both are playing at like the same time
  19. you want a game? i'll give you a game.
  20. wendy WHALEiams
  21. smh
  22. i just wanna win HQ once
  23. ugh.
  24. rip
  25. what the fuck
  26. chrissy is
  27. rachel, you're so beautiful!
  28. Happy Death Day had me SHOOK
  29. tea
  30. on profile pages
  31. what'd IT do in the box office this weekend?
  32. celeb bb prediction:
  33. ok i just caught up on like 10 tbb2 episodes
  34. bb19 was fun
  35. who has jeff mentioned in post-filming interviews
  36. why do people criticize other people
  37. go awf jillian
  38. Elena & Alex make final 2.
  39. dailymotion is such a piece of shit oh my god
  40. vote for britney

omg CBB had strong ratings in its premiere

Feb 8, 2018 by Iceyblue52
im really happy bc i didnt know if it'd do better or worse
naturally you'd think better but celebrities being on reality shows doesn't always draw viewers but the first episode got 7.3 million viewers which is higher than the summer version

i hope we get a s2


Sent by sarada,Feb 8, 2018

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