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Happy Birthday Jacob!

3rdJun 9, 2019 by IceBeast
Happy Birthday Jacob bobrocks333!! It was great starting to talk to you and getting to know you more again this year! Hope you have a great birthday and makes lots of new memories! Celebrate hard today so you can study hard later! Hope you go to the bars tonight and take everything in so you鈥檒l be prepared to take the actual bar!
鈥˙elow are messages from some of your old and new friends on tg x

Bamold1999 - Happy Birthday Jacob聽馃帀馃帀馃帀!! Hope you have an amazing day cause you deserve it. I remember when we first got real close it was in that survivor we played and instantly I just loved talking to you and getting to know you. Although we aren't as close as we used to be, I still care about you so much and consider you one of my best friends. Hopefully we can get closer again over the summer <3. Have a great day and take a shot of tequila for me x

5651Omar - Happy birthday Jacob, if we don鈥檛 win The Challenge im blaming your old age聽

Lalisa - Happy Birthday Jacob! Have a good day and drink the night away! x

lemjam6 - Honestly, I don't know how you feel about me, but I definitely respect you as a person and a player! Often times in games we both just have people we're closer with, but as a human, I think you're a fun guy. Top respect for calling Turney out on his bullshit this season.

j2999 - Jacob king! hope you have an amazing day buddy you really deserve it ! a funny guy, enjoyed when we had a few merges together as it meant we got to know each other, and you are an absolute legend. Glad I know ya boss <3 x

christian_ - Happy birthday Jacob, I hope you have a good one!

kelly0412 - jacob -
becoming friends with you the past month has been a blast! we didnt rlly talk to eachother before and now we talk every day your really sweet and i hope you have a super fun birthday and i hope ur dumb ass spots stanley cup thing happens, gl on the bar love u!

mysterygame2 - Hey Jacob, Happy Birthday! Honestly, If I was still as active as I was I would be the one writing this but I'm honored to be able to write you something. We always played the group games but never really connected until CMACK's Survivor. It's weird considering you've basically finished almost all levels of education where here I am still in high school. But with this age difference I've learned from you. Without you I wouldn't of learned how to take down Christian and Ethan at the same time. You're always fun to play roblox with and I'm glad we had our season together in Capture. I really enjoy ranting to you on skype when I have a problem. I hope this birthday is your best one yet, and hopefully we hang out and play some roblox soon!


rawr121 - love you bobby xo
thanks for everything friend <3

MoooHades - Happy Birthday FRIEND!!!
We don鈥檛 talk too much anymore, but I still consider you a great friend of mine, you鈥檙e just so funny and kind and chill to talk to!!! I hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it!!! <3

iYBF - JACOB -- Happy birthday bud! I love you so much, you've always been there for me and always been willing to give me helpful hints of advice when I've needed it. I appreciate your friendship every day and even though we don't talk as much as we have in the past, I will always cherish the memories we made together. Have a great day <3


you're so sweet omg

Happy birthday!! BOBROCKS333
Sent by nmh95,Jun 9, 2019
christian_ - Happy birthday Jacob, I hope you have a good one!
Sent by Lemjam6,Jun 9, 2019
christian_ - Happy birthday Jacob, I hope you have a good one!
Sent by Kelly0412,Jun 9, 2019
always a king
Sent by rawr121,Jun 9, 2019
ty everyone ily all!!!!!
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jun 9, 2019
christian_ - Happy birthday Jacob, I hope you have a good one!
Sent by iYBF,Jun 9, 2019
Sent by mancebo,Jun 9, 2019
Who is Jacob and why is he special enough for you to make this
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 9, 2019
I mean happy birthday haha...
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 9, 2019
Happy birthday! 馃巶
Sent by k4r4k,Jun 9, 2019
happy birthday king bobrocks333
Sent by _JB_,Jun 9, 2019
happy birthday
Sent by MarieTori,Jun 9, 2019
Happy bday
Sent by BBlover96,Jun 9, 2019
happy birthday ily bobrocks333
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Jun 9, 2019
King Jacob
Sent by NJKoda1998,Jun 9, 2019
He probs hates me but happy birthday 2 him
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Jun 9, 2019
happy birthday!!!
Sent by PoohSnap,Jun 9, 2019
my king
Sent by BluJay112,Jun 9, 2019

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