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The Last of Us

1stFeb 20, 2018 by IceBeast
My merge has sadly ended <3 I tried to represent my original tribe, but sadly my torch has been snuffed. Let's just say I enjoyed it much more with you all!!!


Shout out to all the other people who helped me merge but don't want to get into all of that now!! You know who you are <3


Always an Icon Will!
Sent by Alvino,Feb 20, 2018
21 merges oml congrats on that!
Sent by Philip13,Feb 20, 2018
Sent by FighterMan,Feb 20, 2018
Sent by Music,Feb 20, 2018
you should have been out ages ago
Sent by Patrick319,Feb 20, 2018
Omg damn that lasted a long time
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 20, 2018
Big man!!!
Sent by StraightLoonie,Feb 20, 2018
Sent by cfff,Feb 20, 2018
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Feb 20, 2018
Ah no, Will D:
Sent by LowKi,Feb 21, 2018
Wtf you were still in? You鈥檙e amazing
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Feb 21, 2018
this should NOT have happened. I'm so sorry Will :(
Sent by peace123,Feb 21, 2018

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