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🎈 Happy 22nd Birthday Patrick 🎈

4thDec 25, 2017 by IceBeast
Dear Patrick319,

Happy Birthday Patrick!! It’s so weird that we only became friends a little more than a year or so ago, but I feel like we’ve always been friends. Even though you’re a SNAKE, I still love you for your snake-like tendencies <3. Even though I have a more trash like music taste, no interest in geography or ANTM or RPDR, I am glad we still have things we can talk about!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and holiday and have a great new year even though I will tell you that again in a few days and #staypositive!!! Your birthday gift is an invitation to our secret chat without you.. Also watch out cause 2018 is the year I beat you in TSC. Thank you for being you <3  #LongLiveWatrick

P.S. I voted you out in survivor… jk please join back. I miss you :(

P.P.S Also here’s a gif of you and me.. who is who?

Fighterman - Happy birthday Patrick :).
I am so glad to have met you many years ago :) and introduce you to my friends :) which you stole from me right after :). Jk have a great day and hope we meet irl one day LISA. <3
Ps stop sending :) emojis every min.

ricktworick1 - dear patrick, you are such a loser but a very funny one that is also decent at tsc. you still constipated on your grad pics tho... love ya tho!!! - rick

konohavillage1 - Patrick when I met you in the Nanas, you were the first Canadian that wasn’t a name faker like #Phenomanimal that I ever talked to and it was.... an experience. As time went on I realized that you were one of the funniest people in that group. Your constant shading of everyone when they acted up (especially Alexa lol) was always hilarious and I miss skype partly because of those days. Hope you have a wonderful birthday cause u OLD and next time defend me in TSC bitch

StraightLoonie - Patrick is the man! I haven't known him long but he is very friendly and Im happy we met! He isnt the best at find me but he makes up for it with his amazing personality. 

obscurity - I just want to run into Patrick319 on my jog back home from the gym. He'd be walking down the street, I'd be jogging by him and I'd notice that he gave me a look.
I'd turn around and see his twinky vanilla looking ass looking gay as fuck in a little tank-top he picked up from Pacsun and probably some florescent ass Nike's.
I'd grin and then start jogging in place, slowly coming to a stop and walking over to him.

"Hey man, how's it going?"
"F-fine I guess, just taking a walk"
"Oh yeah, taking a walk? You look like you're somebody's twink and it's kind of late."

He would give me an odd look at the mention of the word 'twink' and wouldn't reply.

"Come on, I know that you know what a twink is dude. You're kind of the perfect twink -" at this point I'd be close to him, my hand creeping down his basketball shorts and roughly squeezing one of his ass cheeks.
"I-I should get going home. We're-we're in the middle of the street someone cou---" at that point I'd give his ass another violent squeeze and pull him closer to me

"We're gonna have fun tonight baby, just you and me boy. We're going to have tons of fun, you're going to come home with me and I'm going to make you my little slut. You're going to get in a jockstrap that's all you'll be allowed to wear for the night"
"I didn't say you could speak bitch. From now on I want you to answer with 'yes sir' and 'no sir' - so tell me butt boy...want to come home with me tonight?"
At that point my face would soften and I'd plant a small kiss on his lips, reassuring my slut that he'd be okay.
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir" 

Amanyaman - Patrick, I'm really glad to have gotten to know you over these past years.  You've always been really nice to me and I love our conversations about eurovision lol.  You're a good friend and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

I love you so much, you're such a hilarious dude and seriously one of the better people on this site. Never change because you're one stellar dude. You are turning old as shit and that's okay, You will be more wise. ANYWAY I LOVE YOU HAG < 333

Karim - hi baby, even tho ur a bit fake after survivor I still love ya to death. I wont forget the old days and u standing by me through thick and thin. Have an amazing birthday and hope nothing but the best for your future. Kisses : ***

Kob3Sm1th -
Happy birthday Pat! TBH over the 8 years I've been on here, I've made a lot of tengaged friends, which most of faded out by now, but I can honestly say that you're like 1 of 5 people that I truly think of as a real friend from this site. I know we don't talk as much anymore, since all I do on this site now is post about The Voice lol, but I'm confident that if this site ever closed down, that I would still keep in touch with you. Hope you have an amazing birthday, thanks for being cooler than everyone else on this site!

Florina - happy birthday patrick baby i love u so much u were the best boyfriend ive ever had and i want u back so bad x x x . .x x 

owlb0ned - Happy birthday Patrick my polish daddy!!! Hope you have the best birthday and even get a little drunk! Love and miss you

You're Polish, your mom wears turtleneck dresses, you have impeccable taste in music, you make me laugh with every interaction, and you always bring me down when I think I have a winner on my hands in TSC. So overall, you're just an amazing person and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I don't think it's a coincidence you share a birthday with Jesus, except Jesus wouldn't drink all the water in vivor :)
xoxo Husein

AllieBoBallie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CHRISTMAS BABY <3 I love love love you so incredibly much.  The best gift I received this year was you.  Thank you for being amazing in every single way and always being so true to me and all your other friends.  Have the merriest of christmas’ and the happiest of birthdays today bc u deserve it :*

sihz - Happy Birthday Patricia i wish you a very happy birthday and hope that your desire to die is stronger than ever today and if that doesnt happen you can always count on Ahmed tracking you down to run you over or Will secretly trash talking you in the other separate chat we have without you to push you to the edge <3 jokes aside, i hope you have a great day with your family and friends, haha kidding you have none. I'm glad to have a friend like you who can always laugh at my mean jokes and talk about shows and music all the time, though i wouldnt put my hands on the fire for you if we play a group game together cuz i know your skin is bumpy but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy. You're 22 years old, 22! You're 22 years old and you act so immature, GROW UP! DO NOT GO THERE WITH ME

This is actually me coming into your bday party, WONDERFUL FABULOUS!

Kelly0412 - Patrick janik u worthless f**ot, first of all hahahhahhahhahhah your birthdays on Christmas you don't get double gifts like me!!!!! second of all uh ur a hilarious person, a quality human being not like other scum ive met in the various corners of suitmans game, I hope you have a GOOD birthday but a shitty Christmas and long live the queer connection fatty

Gardenia - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!! Thank you so much for being apart of my life <3 You’re insanely funny and you have such a kind soul - I wish we talked more than we do. Watching Big Brother during the summer would not be the same without you and I love you mucho!!!!!

With Love,
Your Friends & Loved Ones on TG.Com


Sent by Patrick319,Dec 25, 2017
you clearly didn't read @figherman's message first patrick319
Sent by IceBeast,Dec 25, 2017
Sent by Willie_,Dec 25, 2017
thanks for all the birthday messages everyone this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to me in my entire 22 years of existence

merry christmas/happy holidays to all of you <3
Sent by Patrick319,Dec 25, 2017
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Dec 25, 2017
Awww Feliz Cumpleaños :)
Sent by sihz,Dec 25, 2017
Sent by FighterMan,Dec 25, 2017
Happy birthday Jesus and I guess Patrick too
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 25, 2017
One year older patrick319 :)
Sent by semajdude,Dec 25, 2017
Sent by karim,Dec 25, 2017
Happy birthday Patricka!
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Dec 25, 2017
happy birthday! x
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Dec 25, 2017
Sent by Sparky4444,Dec 25, 2017
happy birthday fat
Sent by maturo,Dec 25, 2017
happy birthday again my love!!!! <3 patrick319
Sent by Gardenia,Dec 25, 2017
Oh yeah I was asked to send a birthday message but I literally just saw it LOL

Happy Birthday Patrick319 <3
Sent by CharlieBibi,Dec 25, 2017

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