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Bringing back an old PYN

3rdNov 13, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
So tonight, I'd decided to go back through most of my blogs and cringe and all the clutter I'd posted over the years.  Somehow, I managed to make myself cringe every year I've been on here, but I know that times will always change.  So here's a PYN I did back in 2016, and in the style I worded it back then in 2016...

But I'm not gonna rank from fave to least fave.  Instead, I'm gonna give you a grade based on how cool I am with you.  Here's how it works:

A - We're great friends/best friends/ etc.
B - We're cool with each other or we're friends and we haven't talked in a long time
C - Neutral/I don't know you
D - Needs improvement
F - I just don't like you

If you can't handle shit, don't even bother because I'm going to be honest when giving these out.

#spartagow - C
#Delete2544 - C
#ghrocky100 - B
#Cheeseman2468 - B
#Blitszims - A
#Roshy - B
#tiffanox3 - B (We only had that one game together, but already you're off to a pretty good start  :P)
#RightToCensor - D (We haven't always gotten along in the Blogs Page, but if it's any consolation, you're on the high side of D because we don't really acknowledge each other outside of that)
#GoodKaren - A (although we haven't talked lately)
#AshlynArehart - B
#FireWolf - A
#M_Davis1998 - C
#EmzThorne - F
#masqui - B
#Macda27 - B
RedFabFoxy - Borderline B/A (the reason you're not an outright A is because we've never added each other as friends)
Jacko308 - C (Unfortunately, I don't know you.  :(  But yeah, feel free to talk if you wanna.  Also, if I don't know you, you get a C.)
ItsAlexia - D (we've had our disagreements in the past, but I am willing to move on past them and start fresh with you.)
Arris - Borderline C/B (Feel free to hit me up sometime.  ^_^)
RedsKanto - C
TaraG - A (that being said, we haven't really been talking much to each other as of late)
Guigi - B (we don't really talk enough to be more than that)
Vlad21 - B
Kaylabby - B (we don't really talk like we used to)
Thumper91 - B
Katherinee_ - A (although like Tara, we seriously need to talk more)
Carriexoxo24xo - B (we haven't talked in a very long time)
aria_grande - C
LittleMix - B
melindaMrskk - obviously an A
austino15fffan - B (Sorry about our last Survivor btw)
Krisstea - A (and honestly, I still think one of my fondest memories I've ever had on this website came from you <3)
BrittBritt - C
FireX - C (I know we haven't always gotten along, but despite everything, I've actually come to realize you really aren't as bad a guy as I'd originally thought)
Minniemax - Borderline B/A (we aren't really close enough to be an A entirely, but I am sure glad to have you as a friend  <3)
spikedcurley - B
jakehou97 - borderline C/B (we don't really know each other enough to go above that)
MarieEve - A (even since TrollSun vs. TribeFaithful, we've become much better friends  <3)
meduncan - B
Burgerman2929292 - B
Yandereboy12 - C
astone929 - Borderline B/A (Like RedFab from earlier, we seriously need to add each other as friends, especially after TrollSun)
xRachel - B
Maddog16 - A
C00lDUDE1000 - B


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Sent by Roshy,Nov 13, 2018
Loves being A... aspire to that xo
Miss u mark 鉂わ笍
Sent by Blitszims,Nov 13, 2018
meee :)
Sent by tiffanox3,Nov 13, 2018
I know its been a while <3
Sent by tiffanox3,Nov 13, 2018
Im scared.
Sent by RightToCensor,Nov 13, 2018
Sent by GoodKaren,Nov 13, 2018
We should talk more :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Nov 13, 2018
We definitely should sometime GoodKaren  :)
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Damn what did I do
Sent by EmzThorne,Nov 14, 2018
here lool
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Me :)
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I already know mine but meeeeee
Sent by FireX,Nov 14, 2018
that needs to change! :P @ adding each other
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