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The Island Assessment 1 (Episodes 1-3)

Sep 10, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
Back when blog series used to be a daily occurrence in the Tengaged Community, I used to do assessments for select Blog Series such as Descendants of the Guardians and One Killer.  Now that blog series are back with The Island, I figured now would be as good a time as any to get back to looking at who the characters of the story are and what I think of them, as well as a brief summary of what I think of the episodes so far.

I decided to try a new change and type my assessments on Google Docs.  I know it's slow, but do let me know if it works with you.  Constructive criticism is highly appreciated, especially since I am trying this format for the first time.  Also, if I say negative things about your character, take it with a grain of salt.  It's all in good fun!  :)

Here is the link to the assessment below:


flamergamer8 Alex Herrera/The Heir
@TwoStep Cody Harper/The Hustler
kaylabby Savanna Hart/The Sweetheart
me2013 Amy Rivers/The Outscast
bigdizzleyomama Jean Atkinson/The Wallflower
TR1364 Taewong Yi/The Best Friend
Katherinee_ as Alison Parker/The Bitch
Logie56 Colby Porter/The Sports Star
varlto Ethan Collins/The Victim
Indiybomboo Imani Jiang/The Romantic
Icarus_Mark Taylor Smoke/The Hoodlum
CopperTribe Jack Shiny/The Prankster
lhooper902976 Hoop Dancer/The College Bro
Wolven6974 Mike Vitscoff/The Quiet One

dan12233445566 Dean Knight/The Player

~Island Residents~
Father Jiménez(Manager)
Hotel Clerk
Tattooed Woman
Old Man in the Cabin

Until next time everyone, take it easy, and I look forward to what's in store next!  :)


I like this!
Sent by Kaylabby,Sep 10, 2018
I really enjoyed this lol and I am glad you caught Cody's last name(Harper's Island is a show I was very fond of)

I like your assessments and some of them are pretty spot on. The only thing is that Jean is a guy lol. I enjoyed this a lot and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Season! Icarus_Mark
Sent by flamergamer8,Sep 10, 2018
I like it.
Sent by lhooper902976,Sep 10, 2018
I respect your opinion about Taylor... I never perceived her as a misunderstood character, so that's eye opening.

OMG IT'S FUNNY because I LOVE EMILY FROM UNTIL DAWN... and she's kinda a misunderstood character? Is she? idk... Taylor just seems a bit too harsh, especially in that Jean sense. I'll be more open-minded about every character moving forward~
Sent by TR1364,Sep 10, 2018
Yeah TR1364, is a decent comparison as far as that goes I suppose because I get how she's a misunderstood character.  haha
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 10, 2018
Icarus_Mark By the way, me not liking Taylor has NOTHING against you! I just get so caught up reading these characters and and their development like they are real life people! Kinda like how people root/hate for people on Big Brother/Survivor. So, if I say anything negative about Taylor, don't think it's because of you!

I'm about to read Episode 4, so I can't wait to see how everything develops, Cheers! :)
Sent by TR1364,Sep 10, 2018
Woah this is really cool! Jean is definitely my favorite character. I also really love the relationship between Taewong and Taylor. Regardless, I think we can all agree that Flamer is making another awesome story. Really glad he's getting the recognition he deserves.

Also btw, I'm also making a story (though on a much smaller level, and it takes me a lot longer to post) and I'd love your opinion, if you're offering it. I only have the prologue up right now, but hoping to really get into it soon. I'll attach a link in case you wanna check it out :)

Long live the blog story community! :p
Sent by Indiybomboo,Sep 10, 2018
I agree with everything to be honest!
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 12, 2018

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