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1stMay 24, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
As some people on Tengaged may have noticed, I've been going around the website with a red nose, leading people to think I had a red nose the last few days.  While it is true that my avi does have a red nose, I was never actually "nosed", so to say.  The red nose came with the shirt here because today is Red Nose Day, a fundraising charity for children in need!  The link below should give you an introductory explanation on what Red Nose Day actually is:

To complete the look, I decided to have a little fun and try to look like randomize on my avi as he appears on this shirt, and thanks so much to Krisstea for coming up with that idea and designing it for Auctions!  :)  I'm really enjoying this look, and I know it's not a perfect match to Rando, I feel like I did a decent job!  ^_^

Red Nose Day will be aired at 8 PM EST tonight on NBC, just under 4 and a half hours after my making of this blog, and anyone who wants to celebrate can buy their noses at Walgreen's for $1.

Happy Red Nose Day Tengaged!  :)



Sent by Aidan0621,May 24, 2018
Sent by heatherlum,May 24, 2018
The UK have had Red Nose Day since I can remember I didn't know the US had it too? How long have you guys been a part of it LOL =D
Sent by dandoe,May 24, 2018
Yeah, we've started celebrating it here too dandoe!  I don't know when we started though because I only just found out about it myself a few weeks ago.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,May 24, 2018
Sent by peace123,May 24, 2018
Sent by Piizza,May 24, 2018
I love it 馃榿
Sent by Yoshitomi,May 24, 2018
omg u got me xD
Sent by danyyboy67,May 24, 2018
I love your avi, I think its the best one I have seen in a long time. Great look and glad you had fun  with the red nose <333
Sent by Krisstea,May 24, 2018
Ohh cool
Sent by MarieEve,May 24, 2018
Icarus_Mark cute
Sent by BambiBoo6,May 24, 2018

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