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  1. After reading through the past few hours of blogs
  2. Or you could just
  3. So I'm trying to think
  4. Stars Support
  5. Quick question
  6. Sometimes,
  7. Y'all who bet on the normal game
  8. Imagine
  9. When Mufasa
  10. You forgot a streak to add to Streak Sadness
  11. I know nobody asked
  12. Wait a minute
  13. When you get into a discussion about Eurovision
  14. So
  15. If you're tied in Immunity
  16. Less than 10 games
  17. Oh nice!
  18. I can't be the only one
  19. Oh BOY!
  20. Best to Worst
  21. Guess the challenge
  22. How
  24. When
  25. Just came and saw these
  26. Since you asked
  27. Reading that "Top 100" list
  28. Shall I
  29. The first person
  30. Hmmm
  31. Weren't you going to test out your Rookies idea
  32. Replying to yourself a million times
  33. Oh wow!
  34. Well isn't this something?
  35. Should I
  36. Might wanna check this out
  37. Not that anyone cares
  38. If you think
  39. Thank God
  40. Those red noses

I can imagine this being a court case

May 21, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
Case UnderwearJim vs. steve4280

Judge WhoGivesAFuck: Defendent Steve, I hear you were accused of stealing Jim's, um... "What color is everyone's underwear" thing.  How do you plead?


Sent by FireWolf,May 21, 2018
Dead AF
Sent by BrainJak,May 21, 2018
Not guilty
Sent by steve4280,May 21, 2018
Not evetyone can be the UnderwearJim
Sent by UnderwearJim,May 22, 2018

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